New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman Filed Suit against Harvey Weinstein, his company and Robert Weinstein for violating New York civil rights, human rights, and business laws. The suit was filed in New York County Supreme and includes new and detailed accusations about Harvey Weinstein harassment of employees.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the suit includes employee reports of Sexual Harassment, intimidation, and misconduct. While the suit lingers, the sale of The Weinstein Company will be delayed, it was originally scheduled to be sold on Sunday.

In regards to the sale, Schneiderman and the AG's office wants to ensure that the sale will not benefit any of those responsible for the misconduct.

Harvey Weinstein continues to claim innocence

The suit is seeking restitution and damages for victims. Weinstein's attorney Ben Brafman responded to the suit saying that a full investigation by the attorney general will show that many of the allegations made against Harvey Weinstein are without merit. Brafman also said that Weinstein has promoted more females to higher up positions than any other executive.

Some of the examples of harassment identified in the suit include:

  • Harvey Weinstein threatened to kill employees by saying "I will kill you," and also "I will kill your family." He also alleged to people that he had contact with the Secret Service who could take care of any problems for him.
  • He often used inappropriate words with women when angry or felt they did a poor job. He also used those words to scold male employees as well.
  • Weinstein required his assistants to provide childcare for his younger children and handle work for his wife.

Schneiderman alleges that Robert Weinstein was aware of Harvey's sexual misconduct and allowed him to engage in sexual misconduct and did not report it or stop it.

NY AG has been investigating Weinstein for months

The suit stems from a four-month investigation involving multiple interviews with former staff, company executives, and victims of sexual harassment. The board of TWC fired Harvey Weinstein last year after revelations of harassment started to surface. Since his firing, more women have come forward making accusations against him.

The USA Today reported that Weinstein could also end up facing criminal charges. The LAPD sent multiple cases to prosecutors involving women who have accused Weinstein of sexual harassment. As Weinstein began to be accused of sexual harassment, more women stepped forward and made claims against other high-ranking men in the Hollywood industry.