At the White House on Wednesday afternoon, Donald Trump met with Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg to discuss a variety of issues, including economics, as well international security. As expected, the president received backlash from critics across social media after speaking out about the Russian investigation.

Trump and Norway

Over the last year, Donald Trump has had an up and down relationship with various world leaders. The former host of "The Apprentice" has made it clear that he's not a fan of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, while sitting on the fence with his views on sevral other countries, especially following his trip to Asia at the end of the last year.

While Trump's issues with foreign nations have made headlines at times, it's been the ongoing investigation into Russian collusion that has dominated the news coverage over the last 12 months. Fast forward to present day and Trump met with Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg at the White House and then took part in a duel press conference. During the Q&A with reporters, Trump went on to accuse Democrats of taking part in a "witch hunt" against him, as reported by CBS News on January 10.

While taking questions during a press conference on Wednesday, Donald Trump took an aggressive stance on the current Russian investigation.

"There is collusion, but it is really with the Democrats and the Russians far more than it is with the Republicans and Russians," Trump said. "The witch hunt continues," he added, before claiming the investigation was "hoax" created by his Democratic opponents as a way to get revenge for Hillary Clinton's defeat.

Donald Trump was then pressed again on whether or not he would meet with Robert Mueller, and elaborated further.

"There has been no collusion with the Trump campaign and Russia," he said. "When they have no collusion, and nobody's found any collusion at any level, it seems unlikely that you'd even have an interview," Trump added. "Hillary Clinton had an interview where she wasn't sworn in. She wasn't given the oath. They didn't take notes.

They didn't record," Trump said, before calling it "ridiculious" and a "very serious breach" as well as "collusion."

Instant reaction

After Donald Trump denied the allegations against him, those who oppose the president didn't waste anytime firing back. "What a hilarious question dodge," one tweet read.

"What an embarrassment," one Twitter user wrote, with another adding, "Good gawd.

He's such an idiot." "They have found more than collusion on many levels," a tweet pointed out. "IF ONLY DURING Q & A SOMEONE WOULD CALL HIM OUT ON HIS LIES! @POTUS believes his own lies because no one will call him out on his lies!" another social media user stated.

"Trump repeated There was no collusion 15 times in one question.

Why does this senile old man keep repeating it?" an additional tweet noted. "He knows how screwed he is if they get him under oath. His lies will just spew out everywhere, just like always. He won't be able to help himself," yet another tweet read.