As the trial of the year is set to begin in September, prosecutors have requested that jurors who will determine the fate of cartel leader Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman have protection, according to CNN. Prosecutors want the jurors to be anonymous, protected by US Marshals and be sequestered from the public.

However, Guzman's lawyer is opposing the motion, saying potential jurors have nothing to fear. Guzman's attorney said that this order would put too much burden on El Chapo's presumption of innocence.

'El Chapo' will finally face justice in court

The trial was originally scheduled for April and will give Guzman the opportunity to prove his innocence, while he faces a 17-count indictment, that alleges he is responsible for importing narcotics and conspired to murder his rivals.

Guzman has pleaded not guilty.

Prosecutors are requesting that personal information related to the potential jurors are not revealed and that the jury is escorted to and from the courtroom by the U.S. Marshals. Prosecutors point to Guzman's multiple prison escapes in Mexico and his use of hit men to kill rivals and possible witnesses.

Guzman managed to escape from prison in 2001, with the help of prison officials. He was later captured but managed to escape again in 2015. Allies of Guzman dug a tunnel connecting the prison cell shower to an abandoned home. A video of his escape was circulated, showing him escaping. Guzman eventually hired dozens of guards and others to help him avoid capture.

'El Chapo' responds to prosecutors

"El Chapo" is promising to not have any of the jurors murdered. The promise was made as part of a motion that was filed in response to the prosecutor's attempt at keeping the identities of the jury a secret. Guzman's lawyer says a compromise could be reached in which the jurors' names could be kept hidden from the Drug Kingpin and the media could be barred from revealing their identities.

Guzman is currently in solitary confinement at a lockup in New York, which has caused Guzman to forget names and places and is claimed to be suffering from hallucinations and depression. Guzman is also facing charges stemming from firearm violations and money laundering. Prosecutors have alleged that Guzman has smuggled more than $14 billion in cash from the United States into Mexico.

The indictment filed against Guzman alleges that he was in charge of a massive drug transportation network that operated by using land, sea, and air transportation means. It's been alleged that Guzman shipped tons of narcotics throughout South America and Mexico and into the United States.