The Golden Globe Awards this year, stood as a 'De Ja Vu' for Opera Winfrey’s acceptance speech for the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Emmy Awards, back in 1998. She had the audience in tears and hanging on to her every word at the Emmy Awards, a presence that was echoed on stage 20 years later at the Golden Globe Awards. Her words on ethnicity, equality, and injustice articulated with such gravitas, had the audience in awe, yet again. The acceptance speech was for the Cecil B. DeMille, Lifetime Achievement Award.

Oprah spoke of a new dawn around the globe

Oprah mentioned change and a new dawn for women and men around the globe, in the light of the sacrifices of those before us. She spoke of Sidney Poiter, the first black male to win a Lifetime Achievement Award, a moment she recalls watching as a youth that changed history, comparing this to her being the first black female to do the same.

She then mentioned her mother being a domestic worker in order to provide for their family and went on to honor all those women in domesticated and other professions whose sacrifices and achievements go unnoticed.

A Standing ovation was warranted after Oprah Spoke of Recy Taylor and Rosa Parks. Oprah enlightened the audience on the story of Recy Taylor's gang rape by five white men, that was later investigated by Rosa Park's, who was known as 'the first lady of civil rights'.

She encapsulated all these stories to illustrate the change that had come about for African Americans and womankind in general.

After her speech many people wanted her to run for president

Following this heartfelt speech, mainstream media catapulted a story of their own, manipulating viewers to envision Oprah as the face of revolution for the United States.

This became the talk of the town, with #oprah2020 trending all over the media, insinuating that Oprah would be President in 2020.

It turns out that this news was based on no thorough research or relevant sources. Ironically a recent poll from NPR PBS News suggests that majority do not want Oprah to run for President. Despite the love and support she has received on social media, 54 percent voted against her being the next president. Oprah also responded to the media misconception.

She spoke up in her usual humanitarian approach, on Entertainment Tonight.

Oprah not interested in being president

According to USA Today, when asked about the media hype on her standing for president, she nonchalantly mused, let's change the subject." As the conversation continued down the same route, Oprah went on to say, ‘that is just not going to happen, because that would not be my strength. My strength is bringing people together, my strength is connecting people to ideas, my strength is allowing people to see the best of themselves, even in the worst of times and circumstances. That is not my thing, that would not be what I would be able to do well."

She went on to assert that she would whole-heartedly back the right person for the presidential role "whomever that may be" and would do everything in her power to support them.