An unidentified man from Michigan was arrested after he allegedly threatened to shoot and kill CNN employees. FBI agents launched an investigation, after the man made 22 calls to CNN, about a week ago.

According to court documents, Brandon Griesemer told the CNN operator, he was coming to gun them all down. He then said he was smarter than them, more powerful and had more guns than them. During the calls, he called CNN "Fake News."FBI agents managed to trace the call and arrest Brandon Griesemer. During the calls, Brandon made remarks about black and Jewish individuals.

CNN is responding to threats

CNN released a statement saying they take all threats against CNN staff, workplaces serious and are in contact with local and federal law enforcement. Brandon's father claims he did not know what he was saying and did not understand the seriousness of it. He claims they don't even own any guns.

Brandon has previously made threatening phone calls to a mosque.

Last year, Griesemer called an Islamic Center in Michigan and made derogatory comments towards the mosque and Muslims. Brandon is currently free on a $10,000 bond but faces a charge of interstate communications with intent to threaten or injure. Brandon originally appeared in court on January 19.

CNN part of Trump's Fake News Awards

The incident was made public, a week after President Trump announced the recipients of his "Fake News Awards." The term has become common among his followers and is often used to describe the media that he is currently fighting with. CNN has received constant criticism from President Trump.

Last summer, he even retweeted a video of himself punching the network in the face. According to the Chicago Tribune, a classmate of Brandon's described him as a Trump supporter. The Post says that threats against CNN have increased since Trump began his crusade against the network.

Brandon's classmate also said he identified with Hitler and his ideas. He also allegedly said the Holocaust was exaggerated. Brandon is from the northwest part of Detroit. He attended and graduated from Novi High School in Detroit. Neighbors have also described Brandon as just a young kid. The lawyer for Brandon has not said anything and his family appears to not want to say anything else about this incident. CNN will provide an update on the incident and security measures they are taking during a town hall event on Thursday.