A compromise Continuing Resolution, which would end the government shutdown, was originally scheduled to take place at 1 A.M. on January 22nd.

After Democrats objected, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) moved the vote to noon today. The delay in the vote sent DOW, NASDAQ, and S&P futures downward. The 12 P.M. vote will come several hours after markets open. Today is the first business day of the shutdown. As such, some workers will be furloughed.

Overnight, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) hinted that some thaw in the negotiations may be on the horizon but that no agreement on a spending bill had yet been reached.

"Talks will continue, but we have yet to reach an agreement on a path forward that would be acceptable to both sides." He said.

What is each side saying?

Democrats and Republicans were quick to spend the weekend blaming each other for the shutdown. House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) stressed on Face the Nation that there was nothing in the continuing resolution that Democrats didn't want. Democrats, meanwhile, blamed President Trump. Schumer claimed that negotiating with him "is like negotiating with Jell-O."

The sticking point in the negotiations remains an immigration controversy. The Democrats want a provision in the continuing resolution to give 800,000 DACA recipients permanent legal status before the work permits begin to expire on March 5th, but Republicans spent the weekend arguing that it was unrelated to the spending bill.

They were quick to chide Democrats over shutting the government down for the benefit of illegal immigrants and insisted that a clean DACA fix without other immigration provisions would only create the same dilemma in the years ahead.

"We want to fix the root cause of the problem so that we don't have another DACA problem in a few years." Paul Ryan said on Fox News this morning.

Democrats did seem to thaw on one key point over the weekend, though. Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) indicated on CNN that he would be willing to see Trump's border wall built in favor of an action on DACA. Chuck Schumer is also reported to have authorized the wall, but Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney was quick to point out the difference between an authorization and an appropriation of funds, which he insisted on the Sunday shows was not being offered.

#SchumerShutdown and #TrumpShutdown both trended on social media over the weekend.

The most controversial bit of messaging over the weekend was a pro-Trump ad that blamed the shutdown on Democrats and warned that they would be responsible for every murder committed by an illegal immigrant in the future.

The noon vote

The continuing resolution to be voted on at noon would fund the government until February 8th. The House passed a bill that would fund it until February 16th last week. Should the bill pass the Senate, Paul Ryan said he would pass it in the House.