A woman is accusing former "Silicon Valley" star T.J. Miller of sexually assaulting her while they both were in college in the early 2000's. She claims that Miller assaulted her on two separate occasions, neither of which she reported until a year later, making the case nearly impossible to close. Reportedly, she and Miller entered into a romantic relationship while attending George Washington University, an arrangement that quickly turned sour. She recounts that he choked, punched, and sexually abused her, all within earshot of her friends. The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, says she didn't want to take the case to the police department, and instead took the issue to campus police to handle.

Her accusations led to a student conduct proceeding.

The rumors of sexual assault are nothing new

Though Miller has tried to keep these allegations under wraps, the rumors have been following him throughout his career. Several comedians and producers have come forward, admitting that they turned down opportunities to work with the star due to the rumored sexual assault. T.J. has been denying her claims for years, but the issue wasn't under major public scrutiny until the woman recently came forward with her story. Due to the recent eye-opening events regarding sexual abuse allegations in the entertainment industry, the woman has decided to step up and speak out about the proceeding more than a decade later.

Miller posted a statement on his Instagram page Tuesday afternoon, refuting her claims and explaining his side of the story.

Miller denies sexual assault allegations

Miller and his wife uploaded a photo of them cuddled up, with a long caption about the issue. They claim that the woman is out to sabotage them and ruin their marriage, more or less out of jealousy and rage.

They go on to say that she was kicked out of their comedy group in college, and became fixated on their relationship, even going so far as telling others that she was "going to destroy them." The married couple argues that she is using the "current climate to bandwagon and launch" the false accusations once again.

Unless new evidence proves something, there's no way to know if these allegations are true, as both Miller and the woman have friends who back their stories.

T.J.'s friends have rushed to his aid, explaining that the accusations are completely out of character for him and that there's simply no way he committed the terrible acts. The woman's ex-boyfriend has also stepped forward, telling The Daily Beast that he believed her then, and he believes her now. One thing is for sure, Miller's career is sure to take a hit for it.