The biting cold being experienced across half of the US and Canada will go into the New Year according to recent forecasts, BBC reports. Already, Northern parts of the US have recorded temperature drops never witnessed before. In International Falls Minnesota, temperatures have reached -37 degrees Fahrenheit, while the freezing temperatures in Mount Washington, New Hampshire have dipped to -34F. The largest amount of snow has been witnessed in Erie, Pennsylvania where over 5 feet has fallen since Christmas Day, prompting the deployment of the National Guard to assist in clearing the snow.

Forecast for the next few days

According to a forecast by the National Weather Service posted on their website, an increased amount of snow is expected over Northeastern parts of the US. The condition is attributed to a fast-moving storm that will produce quick-hitting snow which will cover the landscape and make roads slippery.

Parts of Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, and central Pennsylvania are the most likely to experience the most snow over the New Year weekend. The freezing temperatures may continue until next week, except in the Great Lakes Region where more snowfall is expected until much later in the week.

Cold prevention tips

Residents of the areas that are currently experiencing the biting cold are advised by forecasters to keep warm by wearing a few layers of clothes to protect skin from exposure to the cold.

Experts say that 30 minutes of direct exposure is enough to cause hypothermia and frostbite. It is predicted that this could possibly be the coldest New Year in US history.

Effects of the cold

Already, the freezing conditions have taken a toll and claimed lives. In Chicago, according to CBS News reports, a 62-year-old man was found dead in his car due to suspected exposure to the brutal cold.

In Kansas, four people lost their lives on Tuesday when a car they were traveling in lost control and rolled due to the snowy conditions and slippery roads. Kansas Highway Patrol added that they responded to many similar incidents relating to slippery roads and cautioned drivers to avoid driving at high speeds.

In upstate New York, firefighters were forced to dig through five feet of snow to rescue a woman barricaded in her own home by the heavy snow.

According to Canadian officials, some parts of the country are experiencing colder temperatures than the North Pole and Mars.