Lindy Lou Layman was on her first – and no doubt last – date with millionaire Houston lawyer Anthony Buzbee on December 23 when it happened. The 29-year-old was reportedly very intoxicated and Buzbee called an Uber to take her home from his River Oaks home. However, Layman refused to leave and hid from Buzbee. After becoming aggressive, she attacked his valuable Andy Warhol art, leading to a charge of criminal mischief.

Valuable artwork damaged on first date

Layman and Buzbee had been out on a date on December 23, but late in the evening headed to his home in River Oaks.

As Layman was very intoxicated, Buzbee called for an Uber to take her home. Layman was reportedly not in the mood to leave just yet, so she hid inside his home. Eventually Buzbee tracked her down and called a second Uber, but then Layman became very aggressive, still refusing to leave the Houston home.

According to Buzbee, Layman began yelling obscenities and started tearing down two of his original Warhol paintings from the wall of his home, estimated at a value of $500,000 each.

According to court documents, she then continued her rampage by throwing two Warhol sculptures, worth around $20,000 each, across the room. When Layman was arrested, it was estimated that she had done around $300,000 damage to the artwork.

Woman receives charge of criminal mischief

Layman appeared in court this week on charges of criminal mischief and was released on a bond of $30,000.

She stated in court that she had been a freelance court reporter for some nine years and that she hailed from Dallas.

Houston lawyer is no stranger to the news

Meanwhile Buzbee has been in the news before.

As reported by KHOU, the high-profile lawyer made headlines in 2016 by parking a World War II tank in front of his Houston home, causing a problem with the homeowner’s association. The Houston lawyer purchased the fully functioning tank in 2015 for $600,000 and parked it temporarily outside his home. At the time he said the tank helped to liberate Paris and ended up going all the way to Berlin, adding that it had a lot of history. Fellow homeowners in the area were reportedly not interested in its history, saying the tank was impeding traffic and causing a “safety issue.”

Buzbee is also known for hosting President Donald Trump at his River Oaks home last year during a presidential fundraiser campaign in the run up to the U.S.

presidency. Buzbee has also in the past represented the former Texas Governor, Rick Perry.