An ongoing investigation is now underway regarding Joseph Hayden Boston, an 18-year-old Southern California resident. He confessed to his mother last weekend, that he sexually assaulted two young boys in Riverside, California.

Boston's mother contacted the Riverside Police Department and told them of her son's confession. On December 2, Officer Ryan Railsback and Riverside police spokesperson announced that Boston had been arrested on two counts of child molestation.

Beta LA Times reported that it has been claimed Boston lured two young boys (ages four and eight) into his motel room by befriending them at Simply Inn & Suites in Riverside.

The guardians of the victims allowed the boys to enter Boston's room at night, however, it is unknown if the guardians were aware of the sexual assault crimes.

Immediately after the arrest, Child Protective Services took custody of the two child victims.

Boston also lived in Lakewood and Buena Park prior to his move to Riverside in November 2017. Further investigations led to more confessions of child molestation in all three Southern California cities. Boston admitted to sexually assaulting up to 50 children, since 2007.

Instead of a $1 million bail, he was incarcerated in the Robert Presley Detention Center for two counts of illicit oral sex with the male children.

The investigation is still open, so anyone with information regarding the alleged confessions should contact the Riverside Police Department at 951-353-7945.

Detective Paul Miranda is the direct contact for this investigation.

The public responds to the sexual assault confessions by the teenager

Public opinion, questions, and actions have surfaced following Boston's confessions.

One man via Twitter viewed Boston's actions as, “disturbing”.

User comments on various media sites show different opinions and questions regarding the molester's confession.

Many expressed that Boston deserves the death sentence - some even call the molester a “serial killer in the making.”

Outrage expressed on social media

Other public opinion blame politics: The liberal law in California or Donald Trump. An individual comment expressed that Trump deserves the same punishment for the sexual comments he made during his campaign.

Others blame Trump's foul mouth and political influence for the sexual misconduct of this teenager.

Questions are also being asked about why Boston's mother was unaware of his actions. Speculation has also surfaced regarding the guardian's intent to allow the small children to visit Boston's room, late at night.

Because of the number of victims, it could take years before Boston is properly sentenced.

Two Southern California residents, Simon Weinberg and Kathy Barbini who formed Big Voice Pictures, were inspired to produce and direct "Boys and Men Healing: The Healing Years." The organization founded twenty years ago is in place to help victims and family members involved in sexual assault crimes.

Anyone is welcomed to visit the website bigvoicepictures website.

Simon Weinberg shared with me, “You can heal. You can heal the shame. You can heal the hurt, you can go on with your life, but you need to do the work. That is the most important thing to acknowledge the pain; you do not need to rush it. And always remember, the shame belongs to them and not you.”