California will be entering 2018 with a new set of laws and regulations on marijuana. On January 1st Marijuana will become fully Legal in the state of California. California will be following the successful formula of Alaska, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Oregon, Washington and Nevada.

New rules and regulations regarding marijuana

As the pot smokers are preparing for the “toke of midnight” on New Year’s Eve, medical marijuana shops are preparing for a new set of regulations and rules. These rules include changes to packaging and dosing. Starting on January 1st, medical marijuana shops won’t be able to use packaging that is transparent and will have to limit the dosage of THC to 10mg per serving or 100mg per package.

New regulations are bound to cause confusion for medical patients who require higher doses.

This regulation also applies to edibles. Edibles won't be able to contain any nicotine, caffeine, dairy or alcohol. Consumers should say goodbye to alcohol infused marijuana treats, caffeinated edibles, and marijuana-infused ice cream.

When and where to smoke

Californian pot smokers shouldn’t expect to be able to stroll out on January 1st and buy marijuana, as it is going to take at least a week for medical marijuana shops to start accepting applications. Another regulation that smokers should be wary of are the areas that are off-limits for marijuana consumption. You won’t be able to smoke in restaurants, bars and public places in general.

Tenants should also check with their landlords before they light up that first joint of the year. Some of the local governments are banning marijuana dispensaries completely. Smokers will have to get on their way to Los Angeles or to the neighboring towns to buy their marijuana.

What to expect when marijuana becomes legal

Same as the other states that have legalized marijuana, California is expected to follow suit in the economy and drug-related offenses.

Expectations for the earnings in marijuana industry are quite high. It could bring a whopping $1 billion a year in tax revenue for the local governments.

The crime rate is bound to go down, as marijuana-related crimes and arrests are expected to go down.

One thing that is assumed will rise is marijuana-related traffic accidents.

California Highway Patrol is already warning citizens of the dangers of driving under influence.

Free rides for the intoxicated

More good news for the partygoers, as a new bill in California, will enable alcohol manufacturers and licensed sellers to provide free or discounted rides to ensure that intoxicated people are transported safely to their homes. Sellers and manufacturers can offer rides through services like Lyft and Uber or with taxicabs. Lyft and Uber have already supported this bill. Not everyone is happy though, as some are opposing this bill, stating that it will encourage alcohol consumption.

Whether it increases or decreases alcohol consumption, it certainly will reduce the number of drunk drivers and alcohol-related traffic accidents.