A yoga Retreat in California is set to infuse the mind-broadening power and psychedelic therapy by infusing marijuana in meals and activities. The latest marijuana retreat would occur in the picturesque hippie style town of Ojai in southern California and would also offer plant-based rituals based on the style of native American worship. In this new retreat, guests will not just smell and taste coffee, they will also smell and taste the natural organic marijuana.

New age legalized weed therapy

Legalization of cannabis endeavors in the U.S. has seen the proliferation of cannabis inspired camps and enterprises and offer not just medical therapy but also recreational and holistic use.

The new and legalized cannabis retreat in Ojai will include ceremonies like visionary workshops, psychedelic yoga, weed tasting pairing couples, and also drumming circles all in the hippie and spiritual style. The retreat aptly named Cannabliss is the idea of new age practitioner Sari Gabbay who feels cannabis is not dangerous but a mind altering and expanding botanical medicine that also helps strengthen the body.

Cannabis inspired holistic activities

The grassfed company that offers marijuana laced meals for spiritual high would also be part of the retreat along with reiki workshops to open up body chakras in the lines of hardcore spiritual therapy. There will be different strains of marijuana in use to boost energy levels and concentration and would complement physical activities like hiking and yoga.

There would also be cannabis vaporizers where people would inhale the weed along the lines of vaporizer bars for nicotine and other products. Besides yoga and meditation, there would be art style endeavors like canvas painting, hiking or even just nature exploration and dance parties. The retreat is also a healing therapy endeavor on the lines of the spiritual and new age holistic endeavors that try to create a statement of style and freedom.

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The retreat is priced at about thousand dollars for five days and includes accommodation in shared tents or private rooms with the addition of psychedelic yoga, drumming and cannabis inspiration. As per Gabbay, the retreat is not just a smoke and yoga thing, it is like a mental therapy chamber that would try to bliss one out and understand the mind and its workings.

The psychedelic retreat is set to open next month in California and with the recent marijuana legislation in California, this is all legal. This is one of a kind and first of a kind endeavor not just in the U.S. but also the world.