Kentucky GOP Senator Rand Paul's attacker, Rene Boucher, 59, worked with Paul when they both were practicing physicians in Kentucky before Paul was elected to the United States Senate. The Kentucky Senator was first elected to the Senate in 2010 and was re-elected in 2016. Mr. Paul's injuries, first thought to be nothing more than a bruised face and injured rib, have turned out to be quite serious. In addition to five rib fractures, the two-term Senator also sustained lung contusions. His injuries are problematic enough that it still is unknown when he will be able to return to work in Washington, D.C..

The attack

The attack occurred last Friday while Paul was mowing his lawn in Bowling Green, Ky.. Allegedly, Mr. Boucher approached Paul from behind and tackled him, causing him to sustain the aforementioned injuries. Although the exact motive for the attack still is unknown, it allegedly emanated from a longtime personal dispute between the two men and was "trivial." The Capitol Police are investigating the attack because attacking a member of Congress, even for personal reasons, is a federal crime. However, if the attack turns out to be politically motivated, which is highly doubtful, the consequences for Boucher could be a lot more serious.

How is it measured?

The question that arises is: How does one determine if the attack was personal or a federal crime?

The answer lies in what was said and what was happening at the time the incident occurred. If, in fact, Boucher said something personal to Paul when attacking him, or did not say anything at all, then most likely the attack will be prosecuted as a personal matter. If, on the other hand, it turns out that Boucher said something about Paul's role as a Senator, or made a comment about Paul's positions on the issues, then the attack most likely will be addressed as a federal crime.

If the latter scenario comes to fruition, then Boucher will be looking at some serious prison time.

Doug Stafford, Rand Paul's senior adviser, discussed the fact that the attack is very serious and that it warrants investigation by both state and federal authorities. Stafford stated, “It is a pending, serious criminal matter involving state and federal authorities.

We won’t have any further comments at this time,” according to ABC News on Monday.

Twitter reaction against Boucher

Overall, Twitter reactions to the news that Paul had sustained multiple, serious injuries in the attack were against Boucher.

EaglePundit stated that Boucher's attack constituted "attempted murder."

Harry Enten stated that the attack on Paul "should be a big story:"

Breezus Chrima Edition called the attack upon Paul "especially heinous:"

TruckMyAd stated that Paul does free surgery on third world kids and that it is "inexcusable" to attack him:

Jean Grey 2017 stated that "violence is never acceptable against anyone:"

Trump's self-pardon

In the meantime, GOP President Donald Trump is researching ways to pardon himself should it become necessary.

So far, three members of the Trump Team have been indicted, one of whom has pleaded guilty already. More indictments are on the way, and the likelihood of an attempt by Trump to pardon himself is drawing closer day by day.