President Trump had been obsessed with the 2016 election and his victory over Hillary Clinton ever since the election. He kept reminding the world about his defeat of Clinton and how he lost the popular vote due to the “rigged” election in certain places.

Democrats were wondering as well, silently and a little more elegantly. More than half the country has had moments in the Trump presidency wishing for Hillary to have won, and on what would have happened if Trump had faced someone else (Bernie).

DNC hijacked by Hillary?

Reinforcing the speculations on whether the Democratic National Convention was actually rigged in favor of Hillary, former DNC chairperson Donna Brazile dropped a bombshell revelation.

In her interview with Politico, Brazile revealed that Clinton executed strategies that led to a Hillary-favored DNC when the 2016 campaign was in its infancy. The revelation indicates that Hillary took over the DNC, to make sure she gets the candidacy.

The new revelations have strengthened the “rigging” accusations that were circulating around Bernie supporters during the campaign. It had reached a point when the Democrats ended up having one of their most turbulent national conventions of modern times, and many Democrats believe that it directly contributed to electing Trump as the leader of the free world.

Democratic leader Elizabeth Warren has come out in support of Brazile. Warren kept away from endorsing Hillary until the conventions were over, and she told reporters on Friday morning that she knew the Democratic system was hijacked by Hillary Clinton.

A boon for Trump

The controversy has come out as a long-awaited gift for President Trump. His harsh remarks on Hillary were criticized to be baseless and as “an attempt to divert attention” so far by the mainstream media. Trump took to Twitter to show his excitement over the revelations and that he was right about the DNC being rigged.

Trump said he felt that he would be running against Bernie, not “crooked Hillary” if the DNC hadn’t been rigged by her.

He also responded to Warren’s statement, asking the FBI and the justice department to investigate the matter.

Bernie and Warren unfazed by Trump

Bernie and Warren criticized Trump over his remarks. They responded to his tweets stating that it was another attempt by Trump to distract the media and people from the numerous controversies surrounding him, especially the recent indictments by Robert Mueller, who is investigating the Trump-Russia collusion.

The revelations have sent out shockwaves among progressives among the Democrats, who are mostly Bernie supporters. The Bernie-voter base of the Democratic Party has called for massive reforms within the DNC on social media. Recent developments are expected to make countering President Trump and his policies an uphill battle for the Democratic establishment.