Micah West, 33, is dead from gunshot wounds after breaking into a Baton Rouge, Louisiana home on Halloween Night. Police do not know why West chose to break into the home, but West's choice proved to be the last one he would ever make.

The invasion began at around 11 PM, according to the Baton Rouge Police Department. West was able to gain entry to the home after smashing out a window and unlocking the front door. However, little did West know that the home was occupied by an armed resident who was willing to defend their life and property with deadly force.

According to WAFB.com, Sgt. L'Jean McKneely stated that West was shot twice in the chest but did not immediately die at the scene. When paramedics arrived on the scene they were able to stabilize West's wounds and he was transported to a nearby hospital and died sometime after arriving. West lived about three blocks away from the home where he was shot, but he did not know the homeowner.

West's history of criminal violence

There have been no reports to indicate West was armed during the invasion, but he did have a history of violence. In November of 2016 WBRZ.com locally reported that West was given medical assistance after he was found drunkenly walking into traffic. At the time, he was carrying a half gallon bottle of liquor.

West was not under arrest at that point and was taken to a hospital.

During the ride in an ambulance, West became belligerent and threatened to kill the paramedic and the driver, forcing the driver to stop driving and call for assistance from police. Before police arrived, West assaulted the driver. He was charged with battery of emergency personnel.

The homeowner will not face charges, investigation continues

Police are treating the case as a Home Invasion. It cannot be ruled out that West was merely drunk and broke into the home without intention to cause any harm. As West is now dead he cannot speak for himself or why he broke into the home. Police will not be charging the homeowner with killing West, as regardless of West's motivations, which will never be known, he ultimately committed a home invasion and the homeowner had the legal right to shoot him.

Toxicology reports will take several weeks before the results are returned.

The gun debate continues in the United States

A homeowner has a right to use a gun to protect themselves, their families, and their property from intruders. The world will never know what would have happened had the homeowner not had a gun the night West, a violent criminal, broke inside in the middle of the night.