A week-long sex sting operation by Polk's County Sheriff's Department in Florida netted 277 people who were charged with various offenses.

Those arrested came from all walks of life and professions and included a Marine Corps colonel, a teacher, a pediatrician, cancer surgeon, lawyer, Air Force veteran, and a police officer, among others.

According to a press release from Polk Sherriff's office, the operation began on October 10 and ran for five days, ending October 15. It was dubbed, 'Operation No Tricks, No treats,' Fox News reported.

The operation was undertaken by law enforcement officers and undercover detectives from Lakes Wales, Bartow, Haines City, Lakeland and Winter Haven towns.

The objective was to investigate a prostitution and human trafficking ring in two locations of Polk County.

Operation details

Polk County Sherriff, Grady Judd, told reporters that undercover detectives from the various towns, created fake profiles and accounts across multiple social media sites and cellphone apps, posing as prostitutes or looking for prostitutes.

The press release stated that out of the 277 people arrested, 209 attempted to solicit for sex from the undercover officers, 51 advertised themselves as prostitutes, while 17 were persons who tried to profit from the proceeds of prostitution, among other offenses.

The arrested offenders were aged between 16 and 74 and will be charged with a total of 334 offenses; 298 of the charges will be misdemeanor offenses, while 36 will be felony offenses.

215 of those arrested, were visitors from other States.

Most successful operation

Sherriff Jude observed that the operation was the most successful in the County's history and they had arrested the highest number of offenders ever.

One of the most surprising arrests was Sgt. Luiz Diaz, who had worked for Polk County Sherriff's Office for the past 17 years, and had participated in sex sting operations in the past.

After his arrest, Diaz tendered his resignation, Fox News reported.

Judd said he was embarrassed that one of their own was netted in the operation, but said Diaz would be held accountable for his actions, just like all the other arrested offenders. Judd also announced that Diaz no longer worked for the Sherriff's Department.

War on human trafficking

Sherriff Judd also took the opportunity to assure the public of his department's commitment to fighting human trafficking, arresting those who engage in prostitution and also going to the aid of victims of human trafficking.

He also sent a warning to visitors to keep away from Polk's County if they intended to engage in illegal activities.