Netflix was hit with a temporary Power Outage on Thursday afternoon, the same day that it announced it was raising prices for two of its subscriber plans. The outage lasted about 30 minutes and affected all devices.

It was first acknowledged by Netflix’s customer service department through Twitter at about 6 pm EST. The Customer Service Department declared that the streaming issue was resolved less than an hour later, though some users on Twitter did indicate that they were still unable to connect with their devices.

Netflix has had small outages in the past dating back to the company’s founding.

Some examples include a 2.5-hour outage last October according to USA Today and a more recent outage affecting primarily European users.

Cause of the outage

No word has been released as to the cause of this outage, but it remains poor timing given that Netflix announced that it would be raising prices earlier on Thursday. Mashable broke the news and reported that Netflix would be raising the price of its most popular Standard plan from $9.99 to $10.99 and its Premium plan from $11.99 to $13.99. The price of its basic plan remains unchanged.

Any price increase will always be controversial and will cause some users to leave, but Netflix needs to raise more money in order to continue funding its large amount of original content.

“Stranger Things” and the second season of “The Crown” will be released on other shows later this year, and investors have been concerned about how Netflix appears determined to attract additional customers at the expense of its bottom line. Netflix has been losing money from the company’s beginning, even before Disney ended its partnership with the service, and there have been questions about how long it can afford to do so especially in the face of competition from major tech companies like Apple.

Netflix stock price

The decision to raise prices was taken well by investors, and Netflix’s stock reached new highs as a result. And even if some users leave, Netflix still believes that its user base will keep growing, especially as it presses for greater expansion overseas. As some VPNs still unblock Netflix in different countries, its entire catalog is available to international customers.

Netflix going down on the same day it announced a price increase may seem to be an ill omen, but the company is brushing things off and moving ahead. New Netflix customers will pay the higher price immediately. Current Netflix customers will receive an email notification on October 19 and will be billed at the higher rate during their next pay period.