Making his promises during his electoral campaign for presidency true, to crack down on immigration and protect the American workers, President Donald Trump recently issued a list of hard-line immigration demands, which he sent to the Congressional leaders on the night of October 7.

Immigration Policies

The list includes major changes to the current immigration system of the State. Border security and interior enforcement are also incorporated in the list. And as part of border security, the controversial border wall is being proposed and fast-tracking of deportations and expedite the enforcement of the same by adding more deportation agents.

The administration is up for a deal with the Congress, to continually protect the so-called “Dreamers,” but in exchange of this is the funding of the border wall. Prior to this, the Trump administration already expressed its plans to end the DACA program or also known as the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. The said program was instituted by the administration of Obama. Recipients of this program sum up to around 800,000 people who were brought to the country illegally as children, and to whom the government issues permit, renewable every after two years, to work and to go to school.

The exchange deal of protecting the Dreamers and funding of the border wall is condemned by some. U.S. Representative for New Mexico's 1st congressional district, Michelle Lynn Lujan Grisham expressed her disapproval of the said deal, stating that it is immoral to use the future of the lives of the Dreamers as a collateral to the administration’s cruel, anti-immigrant and un-American laws and regulations.

The proposal is also hoped to address the chain migration that is prevalent in the State. It was reported that legal immigrants of the United States sponsored an average of three extended family members. Currently, this system is legal and allowed by the federal rules, according to the Department of Homeland Security. This chain migration, as they call it will be addressed by the list of demands by Trump by putting a curb on it and limiting green cards to spouses and children only.

Survey results

Meanwhile, in a survey completed by National Research Inc. and The Polling Company on August 11-13, analysis of the survey revealed that majority of the 1,201 respondents of the interview want companies to offer jobs to American applicants before foreign workers. A 2-1 margin prevailed with respondents supporting limitations to immigrants sponsoring their relatives to live in the State, which was earlier referred to as chain migration. Generally, survey results showed that majority of the interviewees support Trump's Immigration Policies.