The incident occurred during what the media notes was President Donald Trump’s 96th visit to one of his own properties. Trump’s motorcade was leaving the Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia on Saturday when a female cyclist managed to give the president the proverbial finger.

Female cyclist trails after the presidential motorcade

According to White House pool reporters, they spotted the female cyclist trailing behind the motorcade and giving the finger, prior to making her way to the car carrying President Trump. When the president’s vehicle had to stop at a traffic light before turning left on to the parkway, the cyclist finally caught up.

Reporters stated that the woman was riding in the right lane outside the golf club and was seen to be repeatedly extending her middle finger towards the president.

First a thumbs-down, then a middle finger to POTUS

The Guardian quotes the White House pool report as saying as the motorcade left the golf club at 3:12 PM, one of two passing pedestrians gave POTUS a thumbs-down sign, adding that it was shortly afterward that the female cyclist made a sign all of her own.

Steve Herman of the Voice of America News headed to Twitter on Saturday, posting to say he had just seen this happen on leaving the Trump golf course, but did not include an image of the cyclist.

Several other pool reporters tweeted about the incident, but reportedly none of them included an incriminating image of the cyclist flipping Trump the bird. Kyle Griffin with MSNBC tweeted to say the motorcade just overtook a female cyclist, who gave them the middle finger, adding that the cyclist caught up with the motorcade again, still flipping the bird.

Trump and his regular golf excursions

No one knows who the female cyclist was and why she did it. However, Newsweek notes that among the 96 trips made by Trump to his own properties since he became president, 76 have been to his many and various golf clubs.

That report states that Saturday’s visit to the Trump National Golf Course was the second consecutive weekend he had visited there.

However, the Guardian quotes a report that states POTUS has actually been at his Virginia golf club on four consecutive weekends. That report also notes how Trump often criticized Barack Obama in the past for playing golf during his presidency. Many critics are accusing Trump of blatant hypocrisy, as he appears to be doing the same, but on a more regular basis.