Plano Police were called to a home in West Spring Creek Parkway at around 8 p.m. Sunday night after gunshots were reported in a suburban home. On arrival at the scene of the shooting, seven people were found to be dead and two people injured at what the New York Daily News quotes as being a Dallas Cowboys party.

PIO David Tilley, spokesman for the Plano Police said the first officer to enter the crime scene confronted the active shooter, shooting him dead. Police then discovered seven adults who had been shot and killed during the incident in the home, as well as two others who were wounded and were rushed to a nearby hospital.

Active shooting in Plano home

In a video on WFAA-TV’s website, Tilley said they received the call relating to shots fired shortly after 8 p.m. Several police vehicles were sent to the scene, with the first officer to gain access to the house hearing gunshots, before confronting the suspect and ultimately shooting him dead.

Tilley said their officers were then able to access the house, finding seven deceased victims and two wounded victims. Tilley did not have details as to the condition of the two injured victims and no details are available so far as to how many of the shooting victims were male or female. When asked the motive for the shooting, Tilley said they are still trying to “piece the puzzle” together to find out why the shooting occurred.

Neither the victims nor the shooter has yet been identified by police.

Neighbors recall tragic shooting incident at Plano home

As reported by the Dallas Morning News, neighbors told police the shooting incident had happened while the victims were watching the Dallas Cowboys game against the New York Giants at the AT&T stadium.

WFAA-TV quotes a witness, Crystal Sugg, who works close by, as saying she had heard an argument between a man and women shortly before the gunfire broke out. She said as the woman was heading to the house, the man opened fire. Sugg also told the television station that she had heard somewhere between 30 to 40 shots in the home.

The Dallas Morning News also quoted an unidentified man who had spoken to a neighbor about the incident and had learned that most of the shooting victims were likely friends of his. CBS Local’s reporter said on their video they had spoken to several neighbors who are shocked over the Plano incident and that it is not something that would normally happen in the area. One neighbor, Evin Mitjavila, told them “it’s not normal, something happening like that.”