In the wake of disaster brought to the American people by way of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, #President Donald Trump has managed to find a method of direct attention back toward his Tax Cut reform bill. Recently, President Trump has posted tweets advising Congress to move faster on the Republican’s push for Tax Cuts for the wealthy in order to create a sort of relief for the victims these hurricanes.

Reported by USA Today, those in support of tax cuts for the wealthy believe they will “spur economic growth.” Although the intentions may be directed toward providing aid to those in distress, many are skeptic of the idea that tax cuts will create any sort of immediate positive effects to hurricane sufferers.

Among the skeptics is Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, who believes now is not the time to create tax cuts of any form considering the position of many American citizens. Senator Schumer may not be the only individual in disagreement with President Trump's ideology behind the tax cuts, but his recent speech to the Senate definitely places him, and those who agree with him, in direct opposition to Trump’s claims.

Tax cuts for the wealthy: a solution?

The relation is drawn between tax cuts and bringing relief to hurricane victims — those who have lost homes, expensive possessions, loved ones, etc. to the hurricane — is based on the belief they will improve the economy. If the economy is able to improve, and money is moving to all areas of the country (poor and wealthy), those who are in need of aid will recover in a timely manner.

The quicker movement of money will eventually make its way to the people who need it most. Those in opposition to this ideology do not believe now is the right time to be thinking of tax cuts. As stated by Senator Schumer to the Senate, “... a tax cut, particularly one for the very wealthy, is not going to help Florida or Texas rebuild from those storms.

We’re about to add billion to the deficit to rebuild parts of our country, something we absolutely should do, because it’s an emergency.” Clearly, those in opposition to the tax cut are still supportive of helping those in Florida and Texas who are suffering after the recent natural disasters. Schumer wants the aid to be immediate.

With tax cuts, there will not be enough funding to create adequate and expedient programs to help.

In the eyes of many Republicans, tax cuts result in the movement toward economic progress through the method of increased spending. If there is a reduction in the taxes for wealthy Americans, they will be more willing to make investment purchases and therefore will give their money back to the capital flow of the domestic economy. An economy that is spending money is a growing economy. At the moment, some believe these tax cuts will only make it increasingly difficult to allocate money to ameliorate the effects of recent hurricanes in the United States. As stated by Senator Brian Schatz on Twitter, “It’s crazy Congress wants tax cuts when we are about to see [the] biggest disaster package ever.

We should wait, and do only what we can afford.”

Congress is in a tough position to create relief for those in need. Recently, President Trump invited Senator Schumer and Congresswoman Pelosi to meet with him in order to come to discuss the tax cut reform bill, a decision that was dissatisfying to many Republicans. Hopefully, this type of bipartisan interaction will result in the reform which may have positive effects for all Americans, rather than a small group.