President Donald Trump was sharply criticized for focusing on himself instead of the victims of Hurricane Harvey when he visited Texas on Tuesday. Four days later, Trump made another trip to the Lone Star State, perhaps in an effort to make up for neglecting to meet any of the millions of Texans who have been forced out of their homes due to the flooding in Houston and surrounding cities.

Although CNN reports Trump actually met with some of the Texas flood victims during his visit on Saturday, Twitter wasn't impressed, save for some of his staunchest supporters.

The negative, and often sarcastic tweets about President Trump's second visit to Texas were trending throughout his visit.

'Have a good time, everybody'

Although he shook some hands and doled out a few hugs, his "have a Good Time" didn't go over well on Twitter.

Cheers in Texas, boos on Twitter

During his first visit to Texas on Tuesday, President Trump stood outside a firehouse near Corpus Christie.

He didn't visit any shelters but was thrilled to see hundred of supporters gathered in the streets near the firehouse.

The Washington Post reports that the crowd of Trump's supporters shouted, "USA! USA! USA!" and Trump shouted back via his microphone, " We love you. You are special. . . . What a crowd. What a turnout.”

It's all about the crowd size for Trump and, when he returned on Saturday, he tried to focus more on the people who have been displaced by Hurricane Harvey.

This time, Trump actually got to see some of the damage done by the floods and stepped inside one of the shelters that are housing families who were not able to stay in their homes.

Trump's Texas redo

During a visit to the NRG Center on Saturday, President Trump finally spent time with some of the Hurricane Harvey's victims, something he neglected to do on Tuesday.

The stadium is a temporary home to many residents of the Houston area who were displaced by the storm.

It's not clear if his staff encouraged the redo, but judging from the response on Twitter, many people still can't get past Trump totally ignoring people who are still struggling days after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas.

CNN reports that Trump, who was joined by first lady Melania Trump, put gloves on and handed out boxed lunches. At least 1,700 people were in the shelter when Trump and his wife visited on Saturday.

They stopped by children's area in the stadium where Trump finally hugged some of the victims and shook hands with volunteers.

And for those who appreciated his visit to the shelter, he stopped to take selfies.

During a visit to the First Church of Pearland, Trump spoke in front of a crowd of volunteers. This time, he didn't talk about the crowd size, instead giving kudos to the volunteers.

Trump told the crowd that it is expected to take "two year, three years" to recover from Hurricane Harvey but he went on to say, "because this is Texas, you'll do it in six months."