On Wednesday, the North Korean medium-range ballistic missile was shot down off the coast in Hawaii by the U.S. Missile Defense Agency in a new test of missile defense system, Fox News reported. The troops used the destroyer USS John Paul Jones to shoot down the target. It was the second test after the failure in June.

How did it start?

The US decided to hold its own test after North Korea fired a Ballistic Missile Hwasong-12 that flew through Japan and fell into the Pacific Ocean. The missile flew over 1,677 miles and its height reached up to 341 miles.The US authorities consider the fleet to be a brand new capability to defeat ballistic missiles.

According to MDA Director Lt. Gen. Sam Greaves, the US "will continue developing ballistic missile defense technologies to stay ahead of the threat as it evolves.” Although the Trump administration offered President to start a constructive dialogue with the DPRK, Donald Trump decided to respond. Nevertheless, this time Trump did not press North Korean president about a potential military confrontation, as he had done it before.

President of North Korea said that he was greatly satisfied with a “meaningful prelude” to threaten to fire the missiles toward Guam.

The main aim of the US

President Trump announced that his administration was selecting an effective policy, as was ready to put the risk, Japanese residents.

Authorities held an extra U.N. SecurityCouncil meeting for next Tuesday. Now they are looking for new ways to stop the nuclear and missile advances. Now Korea considers the drills as the possible preparations for the war. It warned the US and South Korea not to schedule any military exercises, otherwise, it would have to respond.

Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said that the test is considered to be an "unprecedented, grave threat." The U.N. Security Council said that North Korea should “immediately cease all such actions”, but did not provide any new sanctions.

British Prime Minister Theresa May noted that China should press the DPRK, saying that China has an important role to play in the military game to prevent provocations of North Korea.

It was stressed that South Korea, the DPRK, and the US have all the options for a peaceful solution to the problem of the Korean peninsula.

In the beginning of August, the US imposed sanctions on companies from China and Russia, as the Trump administration believes that they helped North Korea in developing the military programs and evaded the world's efforts to isolate North Korea.