A mysterious, eight-legged metal object on a circular base was found just off a Rhode Island beach several months ago, leading to many wild theories as to its origins and to what on Earth (or elsewhere) it actually is. Now someone is doing something about the strange, six-foot-wide contraption.

Swimmers spot the weird object in the water off Rhode Island

Swimmers at Westerly Beach in Rhode Island have been puzzling over the strange metal contraption since it was spotted in the water off the beach, around a quarter mile from Taylor Swift’s oceanfront mansion.

However, someone will now be investigating the strange object.

According to a report by WFSB News, an excavator was used to pull the strange object out of the water on Thursday and workers dismantled it before taking the mystery contraption to an undisclosed location. Some social media users and news sources are now theorizing that location could be the equally mysterious “Area 51.” Reportedly the disassembled pieces of the object were several feet in length, with wires running through them.

Many theories as to what it is and where it came from

The Providence Journal quotes Peter Brockmann, President of the East Beach Association, as saying he has heard plenty of theories about the origins of the mysterious object.

He says among his favorites is the theory that it is a plug from the ocean, while other people believe it is a portion of an underwater net, used to detect Russian submarines.

The Westerly Sun quotes 12-year-old Gus Kellogg as theorizing the object was not from this world.

Kellogg said if the object turns out to be a UFO, it will put Westerly and the U.S. on the map. However, he added that if it didn’t come from another world, it was still a fun for an entertaining day at the beach.

Possible down-to-earth origin of the mysterious object

Nice theory, but Brockmann says he has spoken with the U.S.

Navy, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Graduate School of Oceanography at the Graduate School of Rhode Island. He believes the mysterious object has a far more down-to-earth origin. One theory they have that makes more sense is that the contraption is an ocean mount used for “an acoustic Doppler current profiler.” That report didn’t explain exactly what that was, but it does sound more technical than a UFO or Russian submarine detector.

Brockmann went on to say he still doesn’t really have a clue what the mysterious object is, or where it came from, but he hopes the experts in the field will be able to finally identify the contraption now they have it out of the water.

As for Swift, there is no news of her reaction of the weird object.