Victims of Hurricane Irma experienced immense suffering as they lost their homes, belongings and a lot more. As if this much was not enough, they had to face another menace - widespread looting by cunning ransackers who were on the lookout for vulnerable people and places.

Flood-ravaged Florida

Florida was ravaged by floods and extreme weather in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. Houses, businesses, and shops were found afloat in the water. Trees were uprooted while many lost their lives. The hurricane-ravaged the entire State forcing the people to move out and seek safe havens.

Houses were damaged and people were injured. The massive hurricane caused destruction to many houses and offices. People were seeking shelter in this vulnerable situation with many crying and pouring out their hearts. People lost their money, pets, children and their hope. In this tragic situation, one found heartless miscreants trying to create chaos by ransacking cars, businesses, homes and much more.

Florida police arrested nine in Fort Lauderdale

Florida police arrested nine people for trying to loot footwear at Fort Lauderdale stores. Local cameras found nine people sneaking in at the shop and stealing. They were firmly reprimanded by the cops as they tried to take advantage of the unfortunate situation.

Meanwhile, apart from Fort Lauderdale, 28 arrests were made across the state for looting. The police also posted pictures of the suspects and arrested ones to shame them publicly.

The Miami-Dade police made it known that those indulging in criminal activity would not be spared.

Looters ransack hotels on St Maarten

Armed with machetes and guns, Looters stormed into hotels on St Maarten in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

Raiding the shops and hotels, they left the tourists scared and confused. Prime Minister William Marlin said that around 1600 tourists were being evacuated and moved to safer destinations. Dutch soldiers were deployed to take control of the situation and the Army and police announced that those taking law into their own hands would be dealt with severely.

There is no electricity, no food, no water and no communication in many places ravaged by Hurricane Irma as authorities still struggle to make the situation normal and improve things. Meanwhile, tourists and residents have to deal with such looters as well who seemed to be having a day as they took whatever they could lay their hands on.