Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, who always supported President Donald Trump, resigned more than 12 months before the end of his term, the Guardian reported. In his resignation letter, Clarke did not mention a reason for his leaving or his further plans.

What was Clarke famous for?

David Clarke was elected three times as a Democrat but is also close to the Republican Party. He was invited to the post of Milwaukee County Sheriff by the state’s Republican governor Scott McCallum. Clarke made headlines for his criticism of former President Barak Obama and his policy.

David Clarke had been holding his post for 15 years, and previously worked in the city’s police department. Recently he wrote and published a memoir "Cop Under Fire." Being African American, he spoke his mind about gun rights, considered anti-Trump movements to be "anarchism," and stated that African-Americans sell drugs “because they’re uneducated, they’re lazy, and they’re morally bankrupt.”

Clarke's accusations

In summer 2016, he took part in the Republican National Convention, but later he was blamed for plagiarism in his master’s thesis "Making U.S. security and privacy rights compatible" at the Naval Postgraduate School, however, he denied the accusations, Fox News reported.

Clarke was also accused of terrible conditions in his jails.

For seven months, four people died in the Milwaukee County Jail, among whom was an infant, about whom Clarke’s staff did not know. The dehydration death of a mentally ill imprisoned man, who had been left without water in the сell as punishment for more than one week, raised many questions too. One woman who claimed that jail guards repeatedly raped her, received a $6.7 million settlement.

Although these and other issues led to the long investigation, Clarke did not lose his popularity among the conservatives.

The Washington Post reported, on Friday morning Clarke changed his bio description to “Sheriff (ret)” on Twitter. He is probably going to join an outside group and support the president’s agenda from there; he was not expected to come to the Trump administration.

The Republican governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker is searching for a suitable candidate to serve on Clarke's post by the end of his term in 2018. On Thursday, Clarke wrote in a statement that in the near future he is going to make next steps in his career. He added, that he decided to retire to pursue other opportunities.