Residents of Texas face a huge natural disaster as Hurricane Harvey hit the coast of the state, News18 reported. At least three people were killed by the hurricane. The floods were classified as "life-threatening," with a state of emergency called for in 50 districts of the state.

The amounts of the caused damage

Hurricane Harvey caused a serious damage in Texas. It swept swiftly along the coast of the southern state, demolishing roofs of the houses, fences, and trees. Because of the rainfall and flooding, the Internet and cell phones did not work and more than 300 000 citizens were left without electricity, CNN reported.

The winds reached up to 130 m.p.h., and as much as 40 inches of rain is suggested by the forecasters at the National Hurricane Center by Wednesday, CNN reported. Harvey became Category 4 Hurricane but turned into Category 1 on Saturday.

In Houston, more than 1,000 people called for rescue, ABC News reported. According to Rockport City Manager Kevin Carruth, ten people were injured. Prisoners were evacuated from Brazoria County and were taken to eastern Texas, where extra water and food were delivered. The insured property losses can increase up to $2 billion because of Harvey, Fox News reported.

The reaction on the disaster

In Houston, National Weather Service and the local government asked citizens to avoid traveling.

Governor Greg Abbott warned the citizens that "The most important thing all Texans can do is to put your life and the protection of your life first and foremost.” He noted that the state government was assisting up to 41,000 evacuees and was ready to open 54 more shelters if there will be any need for them.

The authorities stressed that the remained citizens should beware of alligators, as because of a change in water level, they could dislocate.

The residents who left their houses are worried about their neighbors, property, and places where they worked or studied.

Brock Long, who works in Federal Emergency Management Agency, announced: “I encourage residents who will be affected to follow directions from their local officials."

Donald Trump tweeted that he was really satisfied with the rescue work of all the emergency workers, saying that they did their best.

He signed a disaster declaration to "unleash the full force of government help," reported The Telegraph. Nearly two thousand military personnel were involved in search and rescue operations. President Trump said the consequences of the hurricane will still manifest in the following days in the form of heavy rains and floods.