Are banks and credit unions open or closed on Labor Day? Monday, September 4 is a Federal Holiday so many people assume banks will be closed. And that makes sense — after all, the Federal Reserve Bank is closed so that usually means major banks and credit unions closed their doors for the holiday.

Here's what to expect on Monday as far as banking goes as well as other closures that are expected on Labor Day.

Holiday banking hours

On many holidays, some banks keep their grocery store branches open. TD Bank, (with branches mainly in the Northeast) is one bank that stays open on three federal holidays — Presidents Day, Columbus Day, and Veterans Day.

Unfortunately, all branches TD Banks branches will be closed on Labor Day. That's the case for just about every bank across the United States.

If you bank with Chase, Citizens, Bank of America, Capital One, Santander, Sovereign Bank — or just about any major bank — they will all be closed on Monday, September 4. All credit unions will also be closed.

If you need to withdraw cash, head to an ATM. Most banks have mobile banking apps that allow you to make transfers, pay bills. Some apps will even allow you to send money directly to a friend or family member's bank account.

Is everything closed on Labor Day?

Most government employees will get the day off on Monday. That means most state and federal offices will be closed including the Social Security Administration and the IRS.

If you need to register your car or renew your license, you will find the doors locked at your local Department of Motor Vehicles. In addition, public schools and libraries will be closed on Monday.

Expecting an important piece of mail? You will have to wait until Tuesday to send or receive mail. The U.S. Postal Service will be closed all day on September 4.

Shop 'til you drop!

Labor Day is a big day for sales so if the beach or a barbecue aren't your thing, you may be able to score some big bargains at major retailers across the country.

Most retail stores will be open either regular hours or special holiday hours. Chances are, your local mall will be open as well. In addition, all Walmart and Target stores, as well as most major grocery stores, will be open across the country.

If you aren't hosting a cookout, many restaurants will be open on September 4. And yes, that includes fast food restaurants if you have a craving for McDonald's, Taco Bell, Wendy's or Burger King. Check out our list of Labor Day restaurants freebies and deals before you head out to eat.