It might sound great to have an extra day in Hawaii, but passengers on a united airlines flight to Chicago were not impressed when their flight from Maui was delayed by more than 24 Hours.

Flight to Chicago experienced 10 delays

According to a report by Consumerist, when the United Airlines flight from Maui to Chicago was delayed over the weekend, passengers were left fuming in the airport. Even worse United’s only hotel had around 14 rooms available for them. There were, in total, 10 delays, causing passengers to have many questions but reportedly they received few answers from the airline.

KHON2 reports that the flight, set to depart on Saturday at 4 p.m., was just getting ready to board when suddenly the United gate agents closed the door, saying there was some kind of “issue,” while not specifically stating what the issue was. After that more delays were experienced with varying reasons being given by the airline for postponing the flight. It eventually came down to United saying the flight would not leave until the next day.

Reportedly some passengers tried to rebook to Chicago on an alternative flight but were told they would have to pay for the new journey themselves, as their flight with United had not actually been canceled.

One passenger told KHON2 that everyone was frustrated, sitting in the airport and waiting for answers.

Passengers received hotel vouchers, but no rooms available

The passengers were offered food and hotel vouchers, but many found this to be an empty gift, as the hotel designated by United Airlines had only 14 rooms free.

Another female passenger said she rented a car and started driving around Maui looking for available rooms, but with no luck. It ended up with most of the stranded passengers, including the elderly and small children, sleeping at the airport.

Due to the lack of information about the delays from United Airlines, KHON2 said passengers started calling their station at around 11:00 a.m.

Sunday to see if they could find out what was causing the delay. Meanwhile, on Sunday the United flight saw one more delay before it finally took off at 2:30 p.m., almost 24 hours after its scheduled departure time.

Delays caused by some unspecified ‘mechanical’ issue

KHON2 spoke to a United representative, who told them the delay was caused by a "mechanical" problem. The airline said in a statement that customers’ safety is their top priority and while they understand the delays have caused frustration, they will be providing compensation to passengers affected by the delay. They went on to apologize for the inconvenience caused and confirmed that the flight had finally departed for Chicago.