Once again, President Trump found himself at the receiving end of a Twitter lashing after responding dismissively to a press query about the collision of the Uss John Mccain with an oil tanker. The leader of the free world answered with a straightforward "that's too bad," before moving on to other questions. As anyone with half a brain could predict, this response met with heavy scrutiny online, as most saw it as callous and uncaring.

Reports indicate that the reason President Trump responded in such a dumbfounding way was due to not being briefed on the situation, so he was taken somewhat out of left field.

As he was not prepared for this line of questions, he reacted to the news the same way a normal person would to the news that their neighbor got into a fender-bender.

10 sailors missing and five injured

The collision between the Navy Destroyer USS John McCain and the oil tanker was first reported at 6:24 AM, Japan Standard Time, which translates to just after 4 PM EST. Later on in the day, the Navy confirmed that five sailors were injured and that ten more are still missing. At the time of writing this article, it has not been suggested that the collision resulted in any oil spill and the two boats are still afloat and running on their own power.

In a collaborative effort with local authorities, a search and rescue operation quickly launched to provide medical aid to the injured and to locate the missing sailors.

As it is still too soon after the incident, there aren't any further details on what led to the accident, although the Navy confirmed that it will be investigated.

The report about the missing sailors was released after President Trump received his questions at the press event.

General John Kelly and National Security Adviser General H.R. McMaster

General John Kelly and National Security Adviser General H.R. McMaster have received the brunt of the blame for this communication mishap, as it is their responsibility to not allow President Trump to be blindsided by such a query at any event. This either means that they are incompetent, which might be the case considering the current state of the Oval Office, or they purposely decided to not brief the President.

Either explanation is unnerving, as it shows a lack of respect for the man governing the entire country. Following up on the recent dismissals; at the moment, the White House seems to be operating on a revolving door policy and that might not change anytime soon.