President Trump left White House last Friday heading towards a 17-day summer vacation in his Golf Club in New Jersey. From the time he took office, on January 17, Mr. Trump has enjoyed almost twice as many days off as former President Obama did within the same period.

According to "CNN", during the first 196 days in office, back in 2009, President Obama stayed 21 days away from the White House for leisure, while President Trump reached the mark of 41 days off work through the same period.

During his time off up to August 2009, President Obama spent four days in Chicago with his former constituency and 17 days at Camp David, the official retreat of the President of the United States, in Maryland.

On the other hand, President Trump didn’t stay more than two days in Camp David, favoring his luxurious resort in Mar al Lago, Florida, where he spent 25 days. The remaining 14 days, still according to CNN, were enjoyed in the same golf club in New Jersey to which he has departed for on Friday.

George W. Bush, in turn, has had more days of leisure in the first 196 days in office than both President Obama and Donald Trump. He stayed 67 days away from the office through August 2009, mostly in Camp David (39 days) and his ranch in Texas (24 days).


What strikes most about the revelation of the President’s days off is that he has always fiercely criticized former President Obama’s leisure habits and now he is taking much more time to rest.

In December 2013, for instance, he criticized President Obama for going on vacation to Hawaii.

In 2014, the then real estate mogul said the President was ignoring a crisis in order to enjoy some time off from his duties.

On several other occasions, as in 2016, he also condemned President Obama’s golfing habits.

The hypocrisy of the current American leader went even further during the 2016 presidential campaign, when according to CNN he stated at a rally in August, “I’m going to be working for you.

I’m not going to have time to go play golf.”

Renovations in the White House

During President Trump’s vacation, the executive residence will not remain without fuss. Although the residents will not be quiet even for one minute. Since the President left for his latest vacation, dozens of workers began to tackle a renovation in the White House according to CNN.

There is apparently a lot to do in the residence before the President and family come back to Washington. Still, according to CNN, there will be renovations in the Navy Mess Kitchen and other light upgrades, including new painting, carpets, and curtains.

The plans also include structural reforms, as repairs to a leak in the ceiling and to the stairs of the South Portico on the South Lawn. The IT system will also be improved. The renovations to be done were all approved during the Obama administration, but there was no time to complete them up to now.