President Donald Trump’s handling of the chaos and violence that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia brought widespread rebuke and outrage from virtually all sides that his resignation or removal from office is now widely seen as possible, even as inevitable.

One prediction that gained widespread media attention over the past few days was the series of tweets from Tony Schwartz, who posted on Tweeter that Trump’s presidency is “effectively over” and that he would be amazed if the president survives “till the end of the year.”

Circle is closing fast

Tony Schwartz is credited as the co-author of Donald Trump’s memoir, The Art of the Deal, a book considered to have shaped Trump’s public persona.

Schwartz thinks that US president is likely to resign by fall as he will be left with no choice when the result of FBI Director Robert Mueller’s probe comes out and loses support from Congress.

Schwartz described Trump’s current situation to a “circle closing at a blinding speed” and in order to declare victory over Mueller, Donald Trump will choose to resign. He went on to say that Trump must be isolated, urged constant resistance, and keep pressure high as “the end is near.”

Since Donald Trump ran for the US presidency, Tony Schwartz was seen as a consistent critic. He particularly provided insight on the mindset of Trump in making decisions. He then described Trump as a person who considers everything as transactional.

It either a win or a loss. That is why Trump will likely opt for resignation in order to emerge as a winner.

6 votes away from conviction

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump’s prospects in Congress are not looking good as of this time either.

In the event that he is impeached by the US House of Representatives and he faces trial before the US Senate, Trump could be dangerously close to being convicted according to an article published on the Brookings website.

In a piece written by Elaine Kamarck titled, “President Trump needs friends in the Senate,” the author opined that if Trump is impeached, he could be only six votes away from a conviction in the US Senate.

Kamarck based her analysis on the combined number of incumbent Democratic senators (48) and Republican senators (12) who have exhibited willingness to defy Trump when they believe the president is in the wrong.

Kamarck wrote that at some point (2019 or sooner), Trump may find himself in a similar situation to Richard Nixon, who was told by a Republican senator that they did not have the Senate votes to save Nixon's presidency.

With the resignation of key WH officials, Steve Bannon is the most high-profile lately, the Trump presidency is surely facing a maelstrom.