The US is thinking to launch a military operation (Air Strikes) on the targets of Islamic State terrorists in the Philippines, NBC television reported. The air strikes could be announced as soon as possible on Tuesday.

According to the department of defense, the US would allow the military to use armed drones against ISIS. If the plan would be approved then the US military would be able to attack the ISIS targets that could create a threat to Washington's allies in the region, including the armed forces of the Philippines, according to NBC.

The statements by the US officials

According to Pentagon spokesman Jeff Davis, Washington has been sharing intelligence with Manila for 15 years. He said that there is a small group of the US militants (named Joint Special Operations Task Force Trident) in the Philippines and they are helping the island state to fight against the ISIS militants.

In Manila, Rex Tillerson (United States Secretary of State) said on Monday that the United States provided a couple of Cessnas and drones to the Philippine government which would provide them a better information to deal with an enemy and fights against terrorism, according to NBC.

President Trump praised the approach of the Philippine president to fight against drug addiction but Tillerson has not agreed with this policy.

Tillerson said that "I see no conflict at all in our helping them with that situation." Duterte called himself the humble friend of America in the Southeast Asia.

The US is helping the Philippines to fight against ISIS

Earlier, Reuters reported that the United States delivered two single-engine Cessna 208B aircraft to the Philippines equipped with surveillance equipment, which will be used to patrol Philippines' seas and guard against intrusions.

The cost of the airplanes was $2 million each, and the total transaction cost exceeded $30 million which included the reconnaissance (ISR) gear, surveillance, and intelligence. The US also transferred 992 rockets, 1,040 rocket engines to the Philippine army and planned to supply the 250 rocket launchers and a thousand grenade launchers as assistance in a fight against terrorism.

In May, President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte imposed a martial law in the southern province of Mindanao after the army clashes with the ISIS. The Islamic State's gunmen stormed into the building and homes and killed nearly 700 people in the city of Marawi.