The fear of every would-be mother is to give birth while on the way to the hospital. But this new Mom defied all odds and gave birth inside the car while on her way to the emergency room. But that’s not all, as she discovered shortly after giving birth that the baby was still safely wrapped in an intact Amniotic Sac.

One in a million

The mother recently revealed a photo of the baby while she was sitting in the front seat of her car. Her baby boy looked comfortable in his only little world in the image published by the mother. The birthing story was also shared in the post.

Raelin Scurry gave birth to Ean Jamal who was born at just 29 weeks. The photo clearly shows that his protective amniotic sac did not rupture during the birth. While inside the sac, the baby is comfortably supported by fluids that have been with him in the womb. This is the same fluid that helped him breathe and swallow inside his mother’s womb.

Unusual birth

Usually, amniotic sac tends to break during the birthing process. This will result in the loss of the fluids that cushion the baby. It drains out of the mother during labor. It is also supposed to happen first, based on the common order of things.

According to the mother who hails from Pennsylvania, she did not think she was about to give birth at that moment.

She thought she’s just having contractions that are normal through the middle and towards the end of a pregnancy. Scurry wasn’t concerned at first but when the contractions became stronger she decided to go to a hospital.

Sharing her experience on her Instagram page, Scurry revealed that she only decided to go to a hospital after experiencing a 45-minute period of intense pain and contractions.

She noticed that the contractions were getting closer and more intense. But she did not make it to a hospital since she knew it was time.

A call to 911 alerted the authorities of her predicament. However, it wasn’t easy communicating in between contractions and her desperate screaming. The fiancé took over the call as Scurry tried to reach down.

To her surprise, the head of the baby was already out.

She continued that after giving it another push, she successfully gave birth to her beautiful baby boy. But when she thought everything was over, she was horrified to see a different sight. The baby was wrapped in his amniotic sac and was very still. After trying to rub the baby, the mother noticed some movements as he pulled his hands and feet to his face. This calmed the mother while waiting for help. Shortly after that, they reached the hospital where both the mother and the baby boy received proper treatments.