Jakarta is making headlines. The Indonesian capital has been known as a food haven filled with spectacular architecture and exciting nightlife. It is also renowned for being home to people from various countries. And recently, Jakarta has been named the most-tagged location on Instagram's Stories feature.

Indonesia hailed as Instagram’s Stories most-featured city

Instagram celebrates the first-year anniversary of Instagram Stories, the 24-hours-only image tool of the famous social media site. In order to commemorate the feature’s milestone, Instagram has released a list of the top-five cities that have been geo-tagged by users of the app.

The Economic Times reports that the city of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, took the top spot, followed by Sao Paulo in Brazil. The cities of New York, London, and Madrid took the third, fourth, and fifth spots, respectively.

Instagram has grown in the number of its users. The networking site currently caters to about 250 million users everyday who share beautiful photos and videos of meals, the places they visit, and the memories they make. Almost instantly after its launch, the Instagram Stories feature rose in popularity.

The most Instagrammed spots in the world

Jakarta is located on the island of Java and boasts a number of Instagram-worthy spots. The most-tagged city of Instagram Stories is the home of the Museum Nasional and Galeri Nasional, which feature rooftop bars that reveal a stunning view of the metropolis.

The city’s restaurants and high-rise architecture are popularly tagged as well.

However, Fox 13 Now says that while the city has several Instagrammable sights, taking No. 1 spot might have been propelled by Instagram’s popularity in Indonesia. The country is Instagram’s largest market in the Asia-Pacific region. This translates to 45 million users.

According to statistics, Indonesian users make use of the network's story feature twice as much as users from other parts of the globe.

Nevertheless, after winning the title as the world’s most popular Instagram city, Jakarta will surely attract more travelers. After beating New York and London, Indonesia’s capital city will likely kindle more Instagram crazes in the future.

Istagram also released the list of its ten most popularly used hashtags. 90 percent of the words that made it to the list are written in English:

  2. #WORK
  4. #MOOD
  6. #TBT
  7. #LOVE
  8. #HOME
  9. #BOMDIA - translates to hello or good day in Portuguese
  10. #RELAX