U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions may have gotten into the good graces of President Donald trump over his war on leaks in the White House, but it seems it would be the turn of his deputy to stay in the dog house. What would surely get the ire of the president and deserve an early morning tweet from Trump is the statement of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein that special counsel Robert Mueller can investigate any crime about the Russian interference.

The Washington Post quoted the DAG as saying that Mueller is subject to the rules of the Department of Justice and is not engaged in a fishing expedition.

A few days ago, Trump insisted that it is not proper for Mueller to include the finances of the Trump family in his investigation.

Grand jury impanel

Reports state that Mueller has empaneled a grand jury in Washington to help in the Russian probe, but Rosenstein refused to comment of the grand jury except to say it is a routine part of many investigations. He said it is the proper way to gather documents and bring witnesses.

Although Capitol Hill Republicans and legal experts in Washington had advised Trump to refrain from tweeting about the investigation, the president does not heed their advice. A member of Trump's re-election advisory board agrees with the president’s strategy not to stop talking to his followers.

Bruce Levell said talking to his followers is the best thing that Trump can do. Levell insisted the base is growing, The Washington Times reported.

Trump insisted the Russian collusion is a fake story, while Kellyanne Conway, the White House counselor, called the Russian investigation a conclusion in search of evidence. She said on “This Week” on ABC that after a year of investigation, Mueller’s team allegedly has come up with nothing.

Review Trump’s decision to fire Mueller

As Mueller appears to close in on Trump, now, even some Republicans, such as North Carolina Sen. Thom Tillis has joined Democratic Delaware Sen. Christopher Coons propose legislation to give a judge the power to review any decision by Trump to dismiss Mueller. Tillis disagrees with Trump’s accusation the investigation is a witch hunt.

Their bill plans to further boost the Department of Justice’s independence from the White House.

Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff added that the impaneling of the grand jury is an indicator that the probe is moving into a new phase. He debunked Trump’s claim that the investigation lacks evidence because if there is none, the probe would not move forward.