As tensions escalate between the U.S, Japan, and North Korea, China is conducting a four-day Navy drill in the Yellow Sea. China closed off a large area of the Yellow Sea which is in the Northern part of China for a four-day military exercise. China has condemned North Korea missile testing and their nuclear program. China believes that if something isn't is done, escalating tension with North Korea could get out of control. China has a large military force with an estimated 2.3 million members in their armed forces and has a large arsenal of weapons.

U.N sanctions

In response to North Korea's nuclear and missile program, the United Nations has proposed a new sanction against North Korea. The new resolution includes banning seafood and mineral exports. Travel bans are also being imposed starting in September and all Americans have been asked to leave -- which North Korea highly condemns. The new plan also recommends that assets be frozen belonging to any DPRK official involved with their nuclear and missile program. China has also agreed to comply with the new sanction against North Korea, while North Korea has denounced the new sanctions imposed on them and stated that they will take "righteous action," vowing revenge.

China has asked the DPRK to stop their missile testing as a warning.

The two countries have been allies. China is concerned that North Korea will start an international incident if they do not stop testing and continue their nuclear program. Kim Jong-un -- who is the leader of North Korea -- took over from his father in 2011 after his death. In the six years that he has been the leader, he has increased his missile and nuclear programs.

No one previously thought the DPRK had the capacity to hit the east coast or the mainland of the United States until recent tests in the Sea of Japan proved otherwise.


The DPRK has tested the ICBM missile, with the capacity to reach 6,200 miles away and designed to hold a nuclear warhead or a nerve agent. The ICBM can go faster and further than other missiles and is more precise.

They are able to use different types of fuel -- liquid, solid, or a combination. One missile can hit multiple sites at once. The missiles work like rockets going into space and can affect targets worldwide. These missiles are hard to strike with anti-missiles because the missiles have four different stages and cannot be stopped once they are launched.