In a report on CTV News, an “unruly passenger” aboard an Air Canada flight has been arrested Wednesday after allegedly assaulting one of the flight attendants on the plane.

The report said the Air Canada flight where the passenger was in, had been taken back to Pearson International Airport in Toronto that night because of the incident.

CTV News quoted a regional police officer saying that the flight attendant suffered minor injuries after confronting with the passenger on board. The passenger has reportedly been arrested the moment the airplane landed back at Pearson International Airport.

He is said to appear in a hearing Thursday to tackle the assault charges hurled against him.

As of press time, there is no information yet on the passenger, the cause of the assault and the nationality.

The reported flight was supposed to head over to Budapest in Hungary, according to CTV News. The aircraft was already “far east as Nova Scotia” when it headed back to Canada, the report continued.

The Air Canada mishap

This is not the first time that Air Canada has been in the news recently. The airline company has been reported last July after one of its aircraft landed on a San Francisco International airport taxiway, nearly hitting the other aircraft parked in the area.

According to a report on Los Angeles Times, another flight from the same airline company departed in Toronto and landed at the San Francisco airport nearly smashing four passenger-filled planes waiting for departure.

Air Canada flight 759 reportedly had 140 passengers and crew on board. The incident went on after air traffic control officers commanded the flight’s pilot to “abort the landing,” and make a turn around the airport.

No crash involved

Los Angeles Times said investigations are now taking place for the Canadian airline's flight 759 incident.

Though there were no crash and major damages, investigating authorities are said to study whether there were safety lapses and more.

The report quoted a retired captain who commented on the incident. The captain said that if the aircraft pilot had not been reminded, it would have been an unpleasant scenario.

He further added, as told by the news agency, that it would have been the “greatest aviation disaster” in entire history if the pilot was unable to take precautionary measures.

Despite this, the airline company has seen higher profits this quarter and increases in sales, a Bloomberg report recently stated.