A 30-year-old Man in Sweden died after he underwent the Penoplasty Surgery in a cosmetic surgery clinic in Stockholm. This is the first ever recorded death, which was caused due to the penis enlargement procedure. The procedure is generally deemed to be safe by medical experts. The surgery has become quite famous among men to increase the girth and length of their genitals.

What is the process?

Penoplasty requires the surgeon to take an amount of fat from the stomach or thighs of the patient who is undergoing the surgery and inject it in the tip of his genitals, which increases one inch of circumference.

There are experts who do not support this enhancement surgery because it can cause deformation, lumpiness, infection or in other serious cases a lifetime of erectile dysfunction.

They also believe that the penis comes back to its original size after a few years as the body absorbs fat with time. The surgery adds on to the few inches of a flaccid penis and doesn’t really add much length when the penis is erected. The penis would not stand at the same angle as it would before the surgery as the ligament which supports it is cut during the whole process. Medical experts also stated that most of the men do not appreciate losing the angle which the surgery definitely will result in. It also causes uneasiness while getting intimate with ones’ partner.

How did the man die?

The 30-year-old man who died during the process had no past history of medical illness except for mild asthma and is believed to have died of fat embolism. This occurs when fat tissues enter the bloodstream and lodges between the lungs and other organs, restricting the blood and oxygen flow in the body. The man opted for both the surgeries of penile elongation and enlargement.

Medical experts mostly suggest that both the surgeries should not be done together as it can lead to complications.

The surgeons first did the procedure of penile elongation on the man which required the ligament in the base to be removed to increase the size of the flaccid penis. Then the doctors planned on performing the enlargement process where they planned to inject two fluid ounces of fat in the base of the penis.

Even before finishing the injection of fat, the man’s heart started racing, his blood pressure dropped and the oxygen level in his body fell drastically, causing a heart attack. He was then taken to the emergency room where he died within less than two hours.