Walmart was forced to apologize Monday after customers noticed a Racial Slur in the description of a product on the company's website. The wording was reportedly the work of a third-party vendor and described a product as being “N----- brown.”

Racially-colored weave wig cap on Walmart’s website

As reported by the Washington Post, the product was a netting weave cap, used as protection between the wearer’s hair and sewn-on hair extensions, while its color was advertised as being “N----- Brown.” Many Twitter users headed to the social media platform to vent their rage, with Kwani Lunis tweeting a screenshot of the product listing and asking Walmart what they are doing.

Soon after the controversy raised its ugly head on Twitter, Walmart deleted the racial slur from its listing and took off the “Add to Cart” button, adding a message to say the item is not longer available. The retailer then added a disclaimer below the product listing saying that while they aim to give an accurate product description, those listed were provided by the suppliers, manufacturers, and others, and had not been verified by the company.

According to the Post, Walmart is in the process of pushing their online presence in competition with online retail giant Amazon and this incident will certainly not help their efforts.

Apologies from Walmart and Jagazi for racial slur

Danit Marquardt, a spokeswoman for Walmart later apologized for the racial gaffe to the Washington Post, saying they were appalled and very sorry that a third party seller had listed the item with such a description on their website.

Marquardt went on to say the description was a clear violation of Walmart’s policy and had been removed. They are now investigating the seller of the product to find out how this happened.

Jagazi Naturals, the seller listed in the product description, also made a statement to say someone had hijacked their business name and that the wig cap was not their product.

A statement on their own website went on to say Jagazi is a 100 percent black company providing products for black people. They added that people have used their brand name before to sell their own products and asked customers to be aware of that fact. Jagazi then apologized for the distress caused by the listing, saying that they are also feeling the pain from the racial slur.

The hashtag #boycottwalmart hits Twitter

The apologies did not, however, stop the hashtag #boycottwalmart from making the rounds on Twitter.

As noted by the New York Post, Roxane Gay, a best-selling author, also took to the social media platform to tell Walmart this was “far past unacceptable.”

A writer with “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” also took to Twitter, with Travon Free telling Walmart that they need to chat.

While Walmart agreed with Free on Twitter that it was appalling, Free went on to point out that Amazon has the exact same product on their platform, but without the racial slur.