Nowadays it is getting as if every thought, word, and action imaginable by a human being can be effortlessly interpreted by Donald Trump supporters as a direct attack on his ongoing presidency. When CNN contacted a Reddit user that posted an edited video of an old WWE match featuring Trump beating up Vince McMahon (with the CNN logo superimposed on his face), this was tweaked into the news network threatening the Redditor into silence. During the Fourth of July celebrations, the National Public Radio (NPR) went about its annual tradition of broadcasting a recital of the American Declaration of Independence, along with posting the text on Twitter.

Shockingly, a document by the Founding Fathers is not safe from being maligned as anti-Trump propaganda.

Tyrant comparisons

As stated, the NPR has been reciting on air every year on the Fourth of July one of the key documents to the founding of the US. The Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776, by 56 delegates from the 13 American Colonies then rebelling against British rule. It asserted that they have become independent states without political ties to Britain. Other significant contents are a declaration of the universal equality of man as well as certain basic rights accorded to them all, and a list of colonial grievances against British Parliament, but mentioning then-King George III as culpable.

When NPR did the same on their Twitter page – tweeting the Declaration one line at a time – a social media storm erupted. NPR’s account was suddenly swamped by protestations and accusations that the tweeted lines, specifically the parts describing the shortcomings of Parliament personified in George III, as a sharp criticism on Donald Trump.

One Twitter user even pointed out the line about how people had the right against bad government “to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government,” perceiving it as a call to revolution against Trump’s administration. He later apologized for his error upon belatedly recognizing the text.

Expected reaction

Donald Trump fans were not the only one who got active at NPR’s tweet series on the Declaration of Independence.

Other social media regulars, realizing that it was only the station’s annual tradition being performed online, began taking snapshots of the more vocal abuse towards the Declaration – one called it “trash” – and posted them back up for more hilarious reactions at the outbursts that have gone out of hand. At least however they were not as unreasonable as the bashers of Makenna Greenwald who cleaned up Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

Amazingly, even after the truth about the NPR Declaration tweets has been known, a number of Trump supporters continue to insist that the classic document was “too biased” and needed to be balancing.

Some also tweeted mentions of how the President had called for the defunding of the NPR, a claim that is unfounded.