The US secretary of state, Rex Tillerson blamed Russia and China for tolerating the growing Nuclear Threat from North Korea, according to The Guardian. According to the director of the China Power Project at CSIS, Bonnie S. Glaser, Kim's recent missile test could reach New York, and it would take Chinese fears of a US strike against the North.

A new threat to the US

On July 28, North Korea conducted a second successful missile test towards the island of Hokkaido in the Sea of Japan. It was the second intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) tested in a month.

The first test was conducted on July 4 (day of independence in the US).

The missile traveled 998 km before falling into the Japanese sea. It happened in some hours after the Senate passed a new strict sanctions against North Korea. The recent North Korea's missile test became the demonstration of the threat to the US, as the striking range covers its mainlands. It was noted that the rocket reached a maximum height of 3724 km.

The United States claimed that it is for the peaceful establishment of a nuclear-free environment on the peninsula of Korea and the cessation of hostile action by the DPRK, and it wants the allies to help.

Tillerson accused Russia and China

According to the Guardian, Rex Tillerson said that the North Korea's missile test is the violation of the resolutions of the UN security council.

He blamed Moscow and Beijing. According to Tillerson's statement, Russia and China support the North Korean regime economically, they are responsible for its progress in the growing nuclear threat to regional and global stability.

China has already denied President Trump's words of the necessity to help the US. "I think this either shows the lack of a full, correct knowledge of the issue," a foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang claimed.

According to Tillerson, only "global action" can prevent the "global threat."

The foreign ministry of China urged Pyongyang “to respect United Nations security council resolutions and stop all acts that could worsen tensions on the Korean peninsula.” The ministry also added that China persuaded all other relevant parties to act carefully to prevent the situation from inflating.

Moreover, Tillerson also added that the countries that host workers from the DPRK are providing economic or military assistance. They do not comply with the relevant UN Security Council resolutions "complicit to a dangerous regime."