The attack by militants on a bus carrying pilgrims to the famous shrine of Lord Shiva at Amarnath has brought severe condemnation by the USA. In this attack, 7 pilgrims were killed and 32 injured. After the incident, the U.S. president Donald Trump spoke to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The White House has issued a statement condemning The Attack by Pakistan-based terrorist groups. ANI has reported that the US statement said the attack was against the "fundamental right of liberty." Many prominent Americans have also condemned the act of terror.

This is the first terror attack on pilgrims since 2001. The terror groups had so far spared attacking any pilgrim.

This is a clear statement of intent of the US administration. India and the USA have decided to coordinate efforts against radical Islamic terror. This cooperation has received some impetus after the recent visit to the USA by the Indian PM. mon 26 June, the Times of India reported.

The terror attack

The bus which was attacked was being driven by Muslim driver, Saleem Sheikh, on the national highway when terrorists who lay in waiting fired indiscriminately and killed 7 and injured 32. The bus driver showed great presence of mind and despite the firing, continued to drive and reached the nearest army camp.

He saved many lives through his efforts. The Amaranth Yatra is an annual pilgrimage when Hindus travel to the sacred shrine located at Amarnath in the Himalayas of Indian-administered Kashmir. This shrine which is inside a cave in the mountains houses a Shiva Lingam naturally made of snow.

U.S. backs India

The U.S. has backed India in this incident.

India times reported that Heather Nauert the spokesperson of the U.S. State Department has termed the terror attack as “reprehensible." She said that the civilians were attacked while they were exercising their right to worship which is a matter of great concern. India and the U.S. along with Japan are also conducting a massive naval exercise in the Bay of Bengal.

Joint statement

During the last visit to the U.S., Modi and Trump, in a joint statement had for the first time named Pakistan as a source of terror and called on it to desist from supporting terror activities from its soil. The Indian army has now a fight on its hands as the Islamic terrorists have widened the area of attack by targeting pilgrims. India has blamed the Pak based Lashkar-e -Toiba for this attack though the outfit has denied it.