Even before Donald Trump took over his official position as the President of the United States, he was the center of many jokes and roasts around the whole country and the world. One such incident took place in May, when Kathy Griffin, an American comedian posted a picture of herself on Twitter, carrying a fake severed head of what seemed to look a lot like the current POTUS, Donald Trump.

This photo faced intense backlash and the comedian was made to apologize on the internet for crossing the line. She stated that as a comedian, her work is to move the line and then cross it, but with this incident, she had definitely gone overboard.

The investigation against Griffin

Griffin also had a full-fledged secret service investigation going against her after the POTUS’ family showed concerns for his safety and was highly disturbed by the content of the image which was posted on the microblogging site, viewed by millions of people. She recently posted about getting a clean chit from the Secret services and mentioned that she was finally free from the investigation. After the whole incident, there were no charges pressed against the comedian.

What her attorney had to say

Lisa Bloom, who is Griffin’s attorney, had recently held a press conference where she addressed the press about the whole incident and how the investigation was progressing.

She also mentioned that this is the first time in the history of US that a President had put a comedian under such circumstances over a joke which was supposed to be taken lightly. She said her client was aware that the First Family was trying to ruin the comedian over ridiculing the POTUS, which is not an offense and they cannot do that to her if they find her artistic expression inappropriate.

The whole incident of running the investigation by the Secret Services has resulted in the comedian losing her gigs and she was dropped by broadcasters of CNN for the same.

The cause of running an investigation

Mr. Trump had made a statement that the picture posted by Griffin had traumatized his youngest son Barron and politicians had highly criticized her for her actions.

Griffin, on the other hand, thought that Trump was using her as a device to take away everyone’s attention from the whole incident of Russia helping him out while he was running his presidential campaigns. She also called him a bully and said that he was trying to end her career and tarnish her reputation.