Apple is a growing company with its shares and revenues almost at a constant surge. Most of this growth has been due to the various countries in which Apple has a presence. While its headquarters are located in Cupertino, California, the company’s manufacturing partners are based in many other countries. President Donald Trump wants Apple to make manufacturing units in the United States, which will generate jobs and contribute to the country's economy.

Trump says Apple will open three new plants in U.S.

On Tuesday, July 25, Donald Trump said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal that Apple will now open three new manufacturing plants in the United States.

He emphasized that these new plants will be really big and will likely offer employment to thousands of people in the country. The president also revealed that it was Apple's CEO Tim Cook who called him and informed him of building the manufacturing units.

Apple has yet to respond to these assertions by the president. The company has neither confirmed nor denied that it would indeed be opening the three new plants across the United States. Apple mainly deals with contractors such as Foxconn and many smaller companies to manufacture parts for popular iDevices such as iPhone, iPad, and more.

President Trump has believed for long that big companies such as Apple must build their factories in the United States.

During the presidential campaign, Trump repeated that U.S. companies should have their plants in the country to revive the manufacturing industry. Only time will tell whether Apple intends to build the three new plants in the United States and where they will be located.

Apple mostly works through contractors

Apple has over 80,000 employees directly under its payroll in the United States.

Apart from this, the company’s contractors and app developers also employ almost a million more people from within the country. Apple relies on U.S. contractors for the development of the Mac desktops; however, most of the other products offered by the company are made in China by companies such as Pegatron and Foxconn.

Foxconn has also confirmed that it will build a plant in Wisconsin.

However, this plant will be different from Apple's own factories. The upcoming Foxconn plant in Wisconsin is not expected to produce iPhone related products. However, it remains to be seen how swiftly Foxconn builds a plant in Wisconsin and what it plans to produce in the factory.