Speaker Paul Ryan hailed on Twitter the passing of bill funding a package for national priorities including the Trump wall. Mr. Ryan said that the bill "secures our borders by providing funding for a wall on our southern border."

In his statement on Twitter on Thursday for the approved bill, the speaker reasoned out the need for the passage of the $788 billion spending bill for defense, citing the "need to be vigilant in protecting our homeland." He said that the legislation also takes care of the veterans. He commended his colleagues for standing up for national security.

Bipartisan support for Speaker Ryan

Mr. Ryan has lately been gaining support from both Republicans and Democrat lawmakers in pushing important bills. On Tuesday he was thankful for the Bipartisan Support in Congress to approve the package of comprehensive sanctions to the "most dangerous adversaries to keep America safe. He cited that the threats posed to U.S. national security by Russia, Iran and North Korea "cannot be understated." He described the three countries as "bad actors" that "have long sought to undermine the United States and disrupt stability."

However, past the House led by Mr.

Ryan, a tense showdown between Republican and Democratic legislators looms once the House-approved spending bill with a budget to fund the controversial Trump wall reaches in the Senate for deliberation in the coming fall. The House approved on Thursday a spending bill with a total amount of $788 billion. It allocated $1.6 billion for the down payment for the construction of the U.S.-Mexico border wall.

GOP representatives in the House gave their support to one of the campaign promises of President Trump when they approved the measure with a whopping budget of $1.6 billion to finally start the construction of the so-called Trump wall. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., did not hide his enthusiasm in saying that every single dime that the president requested for the wall, he would get it.

The spending bills

The House approved the 324-page spending bills with a 235-192 vote. The bill allocates a fund for the 2.4-percent raise of the military pay, for the fixing of veterans' health care programs, for Pentagon and defense.

The spending bill passed has more budget for defense with weapons procurement as a top priority. There is an allocation for the purchase of two additional littoral combat ships and 14 next-generation F-35 fighters. The budget for the Pentagon increased to $60 billion, almost $30 billion greater than Trump's budget.

Issues of delay of the Trump wall funding

Mr. Trump has been asking for money from Congress to fund his envisioned wall, and there has been a delay as legislators, the public and Mexico debated on the necessity of the wall.

Mexico did not want to contribute money to it while tribal laws, issues on property rights and environmental requirements posed as stumbling blocks to fencing and making a wall on the border.

The fence on the border made by the U.S. already encompassed 700 miles. Mr. Trump promised during the campaign for the construction of the wall and even said that Mexico would pay for the wall, for which the latter vehemently said no.

Many public opinion polls revealed that the public did not have overwhelming support to Trump's wall proposal while moderate GOP lawmakers are opposing it. On Thursday the initial budget of Trump wall got a 230-196 vote, sending Rep. Steven Palazzo, R-Miss. To comment that Congress is making good on the promise of Trump to American "who want this funding."

After the August recess, the House-approved spending bill would still have to pass a major hurdle in the Senate, which has more strong Democratic opposition. White House lobbies are expected to aim to pass the bills, which could finally start the construction of the controversial Trump wall.