Recently, President Donald Trump had ordered tougher sanctions against Russia. This action was taken after Moscow had decided to cut hundreds of diplomatic staff of the United States and had also decided to seize two US diplomatic properties. And giving a strong answer to Trump's sanction, Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to expel 755 American Diplomats from the country. Russian President Putin spoke about this and the number 755 diplomats came into play when he was interviewed by the state owned Rossiya 1 TV channel. Not only this, but the action was also on par with the decision taken by Moscow earlier, which was to banish hundreds of US diplomats, thereby giving a strong answer to the United State Congress's new sanctions.

Putin vs Trump

After making this statement, Putin said that it was not him who took this decision first, in fact, America made the first move and this led to degrading of the Russian-US relations. And it was just not about the sanction, but as per the Russian president - unlawful restrictions attempts made to influence other states in the world and sabotaging Russia's image have also played a key role in the downfall of Russian-US relations. In past, Trump had alleged that Russia had a played a key role in November 2016 presidential elections and had also interfered in the elections. On this Putin stated that they were quite for a Long Time thinking that things would change for better or the relations would improve eventually, but now nothing is going to change in the near future.

And hence he decided to show everyone that Russia is not going to leave anything unsaid or unanswered for that matter.

Russia's further action

Stating the gravity of the situation Putin also said that 755 diplomats and technical workers have worked and are still working in Russia, but they have to conclude their activities now.

After deploying the 755 diplomats, Russia will be left with 455 diplomats which are equivalent to the number of personnel Moscow currently has in America. The relationship between Russia and America became bad when former president Barack Obama had expelled 35 Russian diplomats and had shut down two Russian compounds over the claims that American agencies were used as surveillance by those diplomats.

After this action, it will be interesting to see America's reaction. Trump and Putin's meet gave hope to everyone for better relations between two nations, but however, with the growing animosity between these two, it doesn't seem possible in the future.