President Donald Trump and Russia's President Vladimir Putin shook hands and greeted each other for the very first time at the G20 Summit. President Trump told President Putin that it was an honor to meet him with Putin responding that he was also delighted. The two world leaders sat down with each other and discussed varies issues between both countries. The meeting lasted for over an hour. Both men are hoping that the discussions will help ease tensions between the United States and Russia.

Since the election and growing issues in Syria, tensions have been growing between both countries.

The Justice Department and FBI have been investigating if Russia tampered into the U.S elections and if President Trump has been connected to Russia. President Trump's campaign leaders and some of his elected officials have also been questioned. Both world leaders have denied the allegations. It is unknown how long the investigation will continue.


The G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany gives our world leaders an opportunity to met one and other and talk about issues in a neutral setting. The G20 summit was founded in 1999 and stands for the group of 20. It is an international forum for governments and central banks to discuss economic policies about international financial stability. Members include 19 countries, the European Union, and the European Central Bank.

The G20 replaced the G8 summits as more counties began participating in it. The summit is held annually and is hosted by different countries. Next year's G20 Summit is scheduled to be held in Buenos Aires.

This year's summit has drawn a number of protesters to the streets of Hamburg. There have been a variety of protestors some who have dressed as zombies slithering down the streets, while thousands of others protesters have turned violent leaving the First Lady Melania Trump and the wives of other leaders who accompanied their spouses to the summit unable to leave their hotels.

Police and protesters have been clashing in the streets. Protesters have been throwing Molotov cocktail's setting cars on fire. First Lady Melania tweeted, "Thinking of those hurt in #Hamburg protests. Hope everyone stays safe! #G20."


During the meeting between President Trump and President Putin, showed both men getting along.

Both men smiled and laughed at a joke, with President Trump padding President Putin's back. Both men agreed that after the meeting that beginning on Sunday, that the United States and Russia will have a ceasefire in parts of southwestern Syria.

It is the hope that that the United States and Russia continue to work together and have a long-term relationship between both nations. During the summit, President Trump has also met other world leaders and is honored to able to. President Trump and First Lady Melania will b e leaving Germany to go to France and attend Bastille Day.