Money Laundering is resulting in US$ pouring out of South Africa and most of it belongs to the South African tax payer. Through a shocking conspiracy of bribery and blatant theft, it is being removed from South Africa and ending up both in Dubai and in the United States of America.

U.S Dollars from South Africa go Stateside

According to South Africa's Daily Maverick, a highly respected online news site, the U.S. law firm, White and Case, recently commented on the fact that money from South Africa has found its way to the USA. It has allegedly been laundered by the Gupta family, to a Stateside company called Brookfield which is owned by Gupta relatives.

This is not the only instance of illegal money movement involving United States Dollars and it could lead to the USA government opening an investigation around the Gupta's and Zuma's.

Money laundering and the BBC

International media attention is vital for corrupt Africa, so a timeous video by the BBC is well worth mentioning. The new short documentary by the BBC was released this week with the teaser-words, "In South Africa, allegations of high-level corruption are being fuelled by a huge leak of confidential emails. Mixed up in the scandal is a British PR company, Bell Pottinger, which has been accused of fuelling racial tensions in order to distract attention from a powerful family with links to President Zuma.

Andrew Harding reports..."

Bell Pottinger, a once respectable UK based company has virtually been brought to its knees by the revelation of their Zupta links and their despicable race based propaganda. South African Tweeters forced the company to close public access to their Twitter account.

Money laundering is a criminal offense.

The most interesting aspect from the South African tax-paying point of view, is the USA legislation known as The Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative. In the event the Guptas, or as they are known in South Africa, the Zuptas, (owing to their close links to the Zuma family), are prosecuted, their assets may be seized and returned to their rightful owners; that is the South African people.

Concerned citizen groups hampered by lack of funds

Apart from the handful of filthy rich, corrupt and greedy members of the 'Zupta' conspiracy, the other 52.999 million South Africans, are reeling from staggering losses removed from state and parastatal coffers. A handful of concerned citizen groups such as OUTA (Organization Undoing Tax Abuse) are working day and night to pursue these criminals via the still respectable justice system. The problem is that these organizations and opposition political parties, are funded by South Africa's tax payers in their personal capacity, and it is an uphill and expensive battle they are fighting.

If the USA steps in to investigate the Zupta alliance, and it seems there is enough evidence to do so, thanks to exhaustive efforts by the amaBhungane Centre for Investigative Journalism and Scorpio, the Daily Maverick's investigative unit, there is a chance South Africa just may escape the clutches of this despicable conspiracy and even better, may recover some of the stolen money.

South Africa president wants out of the International Criminal Court

South Africans are not as stupid as the Zupta's think. South Africans are angry and fed up, but hamstrung by corrupt and reluctant officials who refuse to act against the presidential Zuma family and their associates, the Gupta's. It is not for nothing that President Zuma is fighting hard to remove South Africa from the International Criminal Court! Whilst the next election could change a lot, South Africans are not sure they can wait for 2019.

USA Money laundering legislation may just offer a glimmer of light at end of the long, dark tunnel of corruption that South Africa is currently facing.