After a history of disputes between himself and his stepfather, Navar Beverly, 38, was arrested by Prince George County Police after Ronald Pinkney, 65, was found dead in his Bowie, Maryland home. Beverly had posted a selfie image on Twitter showing his stepfather’s body and telling his wife that he told her he would do it.

Domestic disputes between Maryland man and his stepfather

According to a report by NBC News, it was that history of domestic disputes that allegedly led up to Pinkney’s murder. In a news release after the arrest, Prince George Police said Beverly and his stepfather had a long history of verbal and physical disputes and Pinkney had taken out a stay away order against him in February this year.

Stepfather’s body found in his home

After Pinkney was found dead in his Bowie home Saturday morning, the medical examiner determined he had been fatally asphyxiated. Pinkney’s wife had discovered the body on Saturday morning and immediately called 911. She told officials that before Beverly had left the house he had said, “I told you I would do it.” Shortly after Bowie police arrived at Pinkney’s home, they spotted the suspect driving in an area not far from the murder scene and arrested him after a short vehicle and foot chase.

Police blame attention-seeking on social media

Prince George Police Chief Hank Stawinski told People they linked the murder of his stepfather to attention-seeking on social media.

Speaking of Beverly’s tweeted image of his dead stepfather, Stawinski went on to say we are in an era where people have unprecedented access to social media.

He said people are starting to “divorce themselves from the reality of events” seen on social media, leading some to act out, as has happened with the latest crime. Stravinsky went on to point to an inherent danger when people go onto social media, like something, retweet something, which can encourage others, also desperate for attention, to do something to get that attention.

Criminal history for Maryland man

Beverly reportedly has a criminal history which includes a stay of several years in prison after a murder conviction in 2004. Following his Saturday arrest, Beverly is facing charges of first- and second-degree murder for Pinkney’s death. In his first court appearance Monday, Beverly was deemed by the judge to be a “clear danger to the community.”

Beverly was reportedly captured on video yelling towards the end of the hearing and had to be removed from the court by force. The suspect remains in custody with no bond. His next court appearance is set for October 2.